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Left Me To Die

  1. You flew to New York
  2. And left me to die
  3. And now I
  4. Live in LA to keep you off my mind
  6. Down in Miami, still thinking about you
  7. Flew to LA, and I’m drinking about you
  8. This shit is a waste of my time
  9. You used what you could and then you pushed me aside, inside I have died
  10. I guess I’m way better alone, just me and my bro’s, that’s how goes
  11. You heated me up, just to pull me in close and then went and done choose
  12. Somebody else, that ain’t me
  13. Froze into place, I’m alone in this sea full of people won’t ever see
  14. The pain in my heart that’s just bleeds, these sharks are circling me
  15. Looking for someone to eat
  16. And to you I’m just feed, so you threw me in deep
  17. Drowning, 6 feet, wish that I left you before I was meat
  18. The pictures of us on my phone, select and delete
  20. You flew to New York
  21. And left me to die
  22. And now I
  23. Live in LA to keep you off my mind
  25. Doesn’t matter where I go, you’re still on my mind
  26. I wish I could ghost, so I did
  27. Thought you were the one, till you left me here broken, a mess
  28. Now I’m viewing the bubbles, not sending the text
  29. I took off my vest for you, even stopped vetting you
  30. Put off the goals in my life, to make room for you
  31. You were the person that I felt the closet to
  32. Now I be asking myself to get over you
  33. But you just keep stalking my ig and scrolling through twitter likes, hoping to get a bite
  34. And I couldn’t tell you to stop, cause every time that we speak it’s a fight
  35. You were dimming my light
  36. From sundown to sun up
  37. You just had to one up me baby?
  38. Why did I drive me to crazy? Been thinking that lately I’m better alone
  39. You left me to die on my own
  41. You flew to New York
  42. And left me to die
  43. And now I
  44. Live in LA to keep you off my mind




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