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You next

  1. Run up on me wrong, gon be sparking like a lighter
  2. On my boss shit, know im a shooter and a fighter
  3. Yellow tape around the scene, shot his ass, not a survivor
  4. I be fighting for my life in this shit, you just a liar
  5. apologize for your actions, nah you preaching to the choir
  6. Told you to shut up, I said I like it quieter
  7. Yous a pussy lil boy, you aint know what im made of
  8. Hit so many of em, on the feds radar
  9. Im coming after you next, strap gon be around yo neck
  10. Got into 2 fights today, no I didnt mean to flex
  11. Scratch his eyeballs out, looking like a t rex
  12. Ready for war, I always be gripping on my tec
  13. Yeah im really bout that life I be suited with a vest
  14. You a goofy ass bitch all bark no bite
  15. Best not see me in these streets, it aint gonna be no fight
  16. Its gon be a bloodbath, no I aint swinging no knife.
  17. Popped off, lil boy you aint got no fucking life
  18. Sit yo fatass on a chair as if that shit aint rare
  19. Talking on the net, you just be playing games
  20. Hit you with my bare fists, imma knock out yo brains
  21. Sike bitch, you dont use em anyways
  22. Imma hit you where it hurts, aint no battle rapper I just really like to curse




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