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RIP my life

  1. This fa my mama you in a casket now
  2. I still have all the grief and pain
  3. You was a good person in life
  4. And he took yo life
  5. I was always a selfish bitch
  6. I regret all of that
  7. But now i'm up and running these streets
  8. The shit you did fa me i'm doing fa other people
  9. I never felt your love til that one day
  10. we was in da car together
  11. If i can't let my feelings out den
  12. I don't kno what to do
  13. I'm out here doing things I never thought I would do
  14. I'm out here acting like a thug now
  15. I don't know why
  16. I be fucking wit the wrong people now
  17. I'm fucking up in school, at home, and in life
  18. I hate what path i'm going down right now
  19. I can stop it just never crosses my mind enough
  20. I gave my all in life but kno
  21. I always let you down mama
  22. I'm sorry mama
  23. I'm sorry mama
  24. I'm sorry mama
  25. Mama




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