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Fist Rap

  1. School is tiring
  2. who said its fun
  3. you get bad grades
  4. then you're done
  5. no one want to be left behind\
  6. so they do their best
  7. stay away
  8. stay away
  9. from the back of the line
  10. never behind
  11. oh gosh its fine
  12. i need to get through this time
  13. i don't like this rhyme but imma use it every time
  14. relax my mind
  15. leave yesterday behind
  16. after all
  17. there's no telling time
  18. people say hi
  19. but look the other way
  20. but do you really mean it?
  21. but life goes on daya by day
  22. what can you say
  23. i wish you the best hip hip hurray




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