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  1. Now listen up
  2. You are about to be given a speech
  3. Now listen up
  4. I am about to teach!
  6. I know you are a phsycopath
  7. And I know you are cryptic
  8. But if you would just wait a minute before you react
  9. I would really like us to form a pact!
  11. You have always been hard to get along with since you started all of that
  12. There is no way you can harm me without the law signing a contract
  13. I do not understand why you have turned to the dark side
  14. Not even your own rules do you even abide!
  16. With me you are reckless and I don't understand
  17. You push me against the wall then raise up your hand
  18. You would like to slap me
  19. However how will you get to thee!
  21. The rest of my family will sure be with me against you
  22. There is no way to them you will get through
  23. Even if you try really you cannot fully succeed
  24. They know oh oh that you smoke that mental weed!
  26. You have been horrible to me
  27. You act like you just don't care
  28. Now I know what you really are
  29. You are the worst scum in the world!
  31. You are material
  32. And you can't control yourself
  33. You are reckless
  34. And you just don't care!
  36. You are dangerous to me
  37. You are like a terminator ready to blow
  38. You are an awful machine
  39. You are a piece or reckless material!
  41. Reckless Material
  42. That's what you are
  43. Reckless Material
  44. You are a piece of reckless material!
  46. Reckless Material
  47. Reckless Material
  48. That's what you are
  49. Reckless Material!




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