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  1. I know what you are thinking
  2. I know that it is not right
  3. You just cannot comprehend
  4. You are trying to think I am not good at what I do!
  6. Your thoughts are inaccurate
  7. Your thoughts are also pointless
  8. I don't understand why you cannot keep them in control
  9. My songs are not about rap nah this is rock and roll!
  11. I do not understand why you are thinking them
  12. Instead of thinking in the box you are thinking at the rim
  13. You are not considering what I have already written
  14. I do not care about it for it is a dumb opinion!
  16. Screw you
  17. You are trying to make a fool out of me
  18. Yet your incomplete visions will soon be history
  19. And I will become famous and there is nothing you can do!
  21. Screw your incomplete visions
  22. They are horrible
  23. You try to image the worst things
  24. Why don't you (why don't you) just feel the stings!
  26. Screw your incomplete visions
  27. They will be unsatisfied
  28. You do not know how they end so you are already making them false
  29. I would like to know right now you have a heavy pulse!
  31. Screw your incomplete visions
  32. They are not true
  33. Screw your incomplete visions
  34. There is nothing you can do!
  36. Screw your incomplete visions
  37. They are already unsatisfied
  38. Screw your incomplete visions
  39. They are horrible decisions!




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