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  1. I know you are wondering why you are in a dump
  2. And if you are wondering why there is water in your pump
  3. It might not seem obvious so I will tell you why
  4. You have done things terrible so do not even try!
  6. You will not survive what is coming to you now
  7. It is not possible to try by leaning on the bow
  8. The ship is sinking and you've got nowhere to go
  9. Just look around and soon you'll find what is to bestow!
  11. I know you aren't high anymore and you are feeling down
  12. You are looking around and it feels you're falling closer to the ground
  13. It is what you have deserved so you should not complain
  14. You will not get out of this it does not matter if you are trained!
  16. Your life is about to be wrecked and there is nothing you can do
  17. I will make you helpless and then I will say away with you
  18. You are in danger and there is no way to escape
  19. For you is destruction and it is heavily deserved!
  21. I know for you it is difficult and you do not understand
  22. But look I am telling you this is the truth man
  23. You are in the water and you are down on your luck
  24. I do not see how you will get out but it does not suck!
  26. I am gonna make sure that you cannot get away
  27. I am not too sure if you understood hell was how you pay
  28. Once this is over with you will not see another day
  29. You will be on an island and you will be astray!
  31. Your life is over with and you are about to dead
  32. For ever in the ground you will only lie in your new bed
  33. You will be thrown in a casket and buried alive
  34. This is your destruction and it was really deserved!
  36. This is destruction
  37. It was deserved
  38. There is no way to get away
  39. From what you have now earned!
  41. This is what you get
  42. For what you have done
  43. There is no way to get away
  44. For this is what you've earned!




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