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  1. [_Intro_]
  2. "I am Doom. Destroyer of worlds... What gods dare stand against me?"
  4. [_Verse 1_]
  5. This is my first fight in years and I hope this brings me to my tears
  6. I pray to myself that I will win but you know I will stand here and Grin
  7. My mother died because she made a wrong deal to Mephisto
  8. But this song is not for her tho
  9. My father and I ran off into the cold, And we never made it back home
  10. Increasing my knowledge of both science and magic
  11. Because you can hear those Sirens and Traffic
  12. I spend years trying to save my family
  13. but you are getting in my way you see
  15. [_Pre Chorus_]
  17. You claim such vast domains, That I can just hit with my Rapping Hurricanes
  18. Could I not lay claim to the light and the void but I can still be overjoyed
  19. I can just use Mystical Portals, I'm not Egotistical because I stand with the Immortals
  21. [_Chorus_]
  22. Mask me, Crown me
  23. I'm the ruler of this universe
  24. Mask me, Crown me
  25. No, I'm not Curse
  26. Mask me, Crown me
  27. Are you ready for my next Verse
  28. Mask me, Crown me
  30. Mask me, Crown me
  31. I'm the ruler of this universe
  32. Mask me, Crown me
  33. No, I'm not Curse
  34. Mask me, Crown me
  35. Are you ready for my next Verse
  36. Mask me, Crown me
  38. [_Verse 2_]
  39. I'm the King, A Doctor
  40. You better Swing or you will get Conquer
  41. I'm the leader of Latveria, I'm a Creature that will be hunting ya
  42. Sorcerer Supreme with my drip, I'm a Torturer that going to make you scream
  43. I'm a God among their men, Is it odd that you can Summon anything
  44. But I'm not an imposter this round,
  45. You can as my Informer because you're going to be ground pounded
  46. I go by many names, And I have the Brains
  47. I can just use my Mystical Blasts, I'm just spiting Lyrical Facts
  48. Teleport out of here if things get choppy, This is my Court, So bend a knee
  49. Let's get this fight over with because I have to find Reeds Kryptonite
  50. My brother is under because of my stupid father
  51. I wear this mask to Surpassed you and remember that I'm in Eternal Doom
  52. The Doomslayer has nothing on me, I'm a force of Nature
  53. A Gladiator, Creator, and I'm Marvel's Darth Vader
  55. [_Chorus_]
  56. Mask me, Crown me
  57. I'm the ruler of this universe
  58. Mask me, Crown me
  59. No, I'm not Curse
  60. Mask me, Crown me
  61. Are you ready for my next Verse
  62. Mask me, Crown me
  64. Mask me, Crown me
  65. I'm the ruler of this universe
  66. Mask me, Crown me
  67. No, I'm not Curse
  68. Mask me, Crown me
  69. Are you ready for my next Verse
  70. Mask me, Crown me




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