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bitch fuck

  1. sometimes I wanna be dead
  2. but I'll put that aside to shoot you in the head
  3. my punchlines they made you bled
  4. I am the king you heard what I said
  6. you little punk ass I'll beat you into dust
  7. they say they love me but I think it's all Lust
  8. you're messing with me well now you are Fucked
  9. you are not hard bitch you are a cuck
  11. she slob on my cock while flipping you off
  12. I took your old bitch she calling me Boss
  13. I fuck on your girl then same on your mom
  14. your sister and I we be getting it on
  16. my confidence high that rarely happens
  17. I am so fly my cum have to Ration
  18. this bitch be ugly she fuck me with mask on
  19. she fuckin my ass cause she brought a strapon
  21. 3 all at once, I took all your exes
  22. they say that they love it and help with their stresses
  23. now I do your 4th, yeah the one from texas
  24. they say they all love me and I am the bestes




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