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Trial Run 1 : Songs of Truth

  1. If you are going to know anything about be
  2. I would like you to know I'm honest
  3. I have had history (some history)
  4. And I know that sometimes I'm reckless!
  6. I would like it if you didn't judge
  7. For I am just now starting my path
  8. I know that is it kind of in a grudge
  9. But it is the one that my dad wanted to hath!
  11. I know it must be weird knowing I share this information
  12. However you must know something
  13. I am not up for a conversation
  14. However I know you would like to share facts which are interesting!
  16. Oh, oh
  17. These are songs of truth
  18. Oh, oh
  19. Don't be rude I am still in my youth!
  21. I know it must seem weird
  22. Knowing that a teenager is writing this
  23. Yeah it is really weird that
  24. In my mind it had to exist!
  26. Again again I am asking you
  27. Please oh please don't judge
  28. That is the one thing you can do
  29. For you know that I'm in a grudge!
  31. Most of the time I am an honest child
  32. But sometimes of course I lie
  33. Yet when I lie my lies aren't mild
  34. Even when I try not to be sly!
  36. Yeah yeah
  37. These songs are of truth
  38. Why don't you know
  39. These are songs of truth!
  41. Oh oh these are songs of truth
  42. Yeah eh these are songs of truth
  43. Why don't you know (why don't you know)
  44. These are songs of truth!
  46. Why don't you know
  47. Oh oh
  48. Why don't you know
  49. These are songs of truth!
  51. Why don't you know
  52. You know
  53. Why don't you
  54. Know these are songs of truth!




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