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  1. Making example of you damn dudes be exactly what I live for
  2. You Waving bamboo, around a man who only packing steel swords
  3. Never missing the heat prescription
  4. What you think we pop them pills for
  5. Knockin down them steel doors
  6. We kick hoes with steel toes
  7. Kidnapped the kin folk
  8. Give em back with the skin gone
  9. Cocaine my skin tone
  10. Like Hussein finna get blown
  11. If you paid get the bill fold
  12. Bought a neighborhood you can get a home
  13. If the rents late then it’s get gone
  14. Stacked my paper good you can get a loan
  15. do me wrong send them goons to get ya
  16. hope ya get along
  17. Silence pistol whistles and you sent to god
  18. At Synagogue, have a live choir sing
  19. Your favorite song as they send you off
  20. Im a devil dog
  21. Off the leash the beast is pretty raw
  22. I go to court like I need to ball
  23. Then I feed the court like a mini mall
  24. Fading cases get the minimal
  25. Trio trading places who they finna charge
  26. Migos trading races how we settin off
  27. hope you feel at home plans post poned
  28. Singing kumbya hope weed is strong
  29. Jacob Mason don have a sing a long
  30. Hope you get involved no you not alone
  31. Feel the Holy Ghost hit the highest note like




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