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  1. ive realized that some people in this world are bad and toxic and i wish
  2. i never exsisted with them in this world
  3. and so i made a rap about those people hope you enjoy.
  5. verse 1:
  6. love is bad just look at r+j
  7. they call me gay thats what they say
  8. they talk behind my back like i cant hear them
  9. but as soon as i know they will be in the slums
  10. but what they dont understand
  11. is that they are going to see these hands
  12. all im trying to do is help
  13. but they wont listen
  14. oh whelp
  16. i just dont know why toxicity is here
  17. my raps are going to hit hard like shakespeare
  18. alot of people hate me
  19. but just go and leave me be




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