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  • Who the fuck you think you are
  • Little bitch ass retard
  • And I can tell you now you aren’t smart
  • This shits gonna leave you scarred
  • You think you so cool dissing the X Factor
  • You ain’t even close to how good they are so don’t be an attention attractor
  • While I destroy you I’ll be a laugher
  • So shut the fuck up and keep quiet cause I’m an attacker
  • And what did you say about you being superior
  • I’ll let you know to you I’ll always be inferior
  • You act like the big man when you don’t have any fame
  • Your bitch ass is a disgrace to this game
  • Nobody even fucking knows your name
  • So stop dissing them for attention and you should feel some shame
  • I did my research on you and you claim you murder all your foes
  • How? You've lost all your battles and we know you get no hoes
  • You try and start beef everywhere you fucking go
  • But you lose and this shit goes right through your nose
  • And by now you’re probably asking why are you so interested in me?
  • I ain’t interested you dissed the X Factor and that bothers me
  • If your gonna diss someone find someone in your own camp
  • Why you dissing the big guys we all know you ain’t a champ
  • The fuck do you think was gonna happen
  • You should be cancelled for your idiotic rapping
  • And don’t try to diss me cause this shits gonna go south
  • So accept fucking defeat and leave my dick in your mouth
  • Oh and X Factor
  • I’ve got your fucking back


  • Let’s face it, D-Licious gets no D-bitches
  • He don’t got D-Riches, he ain’t D-vicious
  • Now how long do you think his D-dick is?
  • Probably only three inches (ha)
  • You ain’t even in the X Factor, are you dumb?
  • Sticking your nose into where you don’t belong
  • Calling me an “attention attractor” what a hypocrite
  • You’re the one defending a group you ain’t even in
  • Mad because your own group is failing hard
  • Skittles23 dissed you, so he should be in charge
  • Cause he’s obviously the only one with sense
  • And he’s obviously the only one with some cents (heh)
  • You have an album called “Pedophilia” and you expect me to be afraid
  • Your child victims are the only people you can intimidate
  • You have to force kids into sex, cause you can’t get a date
  • So you go after innocent children, they don’t deserve that fate
  • You made a bunch of mistakes, was your brain working wrong?
  • You called yourself inferior in your own fucking song
  • You’ll say it’s a typo, but I think it’s more of a Freudian Slip
  • Deep down inside, you know you’re my bitch
  • You should’ve just stayed quiet, we could’ve been cool
  • But you forced yourself in a beef that has nothing to do with you
  • I ain’t judging you for picking a side, but you should’ve just spectated
  • You fucked up, now you’re about to get checkmated

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