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  • I’m boutta redefine the lines, you know I’m supreme
  • Yo mama a prostitute, she gags on my cream
  • I’m like a nightmare, boutta invade your dreams
  • I’m flippin’ shit, eclipsing clips, and planning schemes
  • I’m stacking chips higher than the Eiffel Tower
  • Cause my glock’s a 34, like Eisenhower
  • You’re a twerp compared to my size and power
  • You boutta get washed, like a violent shower
  • I'm lightning in a bottle, a fucking thunderclap
  • I'm back to winning, stacking tracks like an acrobat
  • Cause I never back away, I never slack or lack
  • You keep staggerin’, quit sippin’ on that yak
  • A real thug always got a battle plan intact
  • So step back, quiet down, and feel the impact
  • Ain’t no games being played, I’m spitting straight facts
  • Like a G-string, you can lick my nutsack
  • You ain’t a gangsta, you ain’t legitimate
  • You don’t keep steel on you, cause you’re an idiot
  • That’s why me and your sister got intimate
  • That bitch hella freaky, her sex drive is infinite
  • Your skills are wack, and your bars are shitty
  • Kill you in various ways, my skills are nifty
  • I’m your drill seargant, drop down and gimme fifty
  • I’m like a fuckin’ missile, watch me wreck the city


  • I’m beginning to feel like a Rap Santa, Rap Santa
  • All the hot girls wanna eat my banana, banana
  • And by “banana” I mean DICK, that’s my answer, answer
  • From the North to the South, I watch Bonanza, Bonanza
  • Everybody in the world wanna rap like Santa
  • Everybody in the world wanna wrap like Santa
  • Present stack in a panorama
  • Chillin’ with the elves in a red bandana
  • Ho, ho, ho, got that sleigh momentum
  • I'm beginning to feel like a Rap Santa, Rap Santa
  • Check the Naughty and Nice lists, it’s no banter, no banter
  • Elf workshop buzzin’, it's all grand here, grand here
  • North Pole vibe, I got the reindeer, reindeer

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