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We both know you're gonna lose, the only way you gonna win is if you keep making alt accounts.

Max of 36 lines


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  • //Jason_The_Best Diss (0:12)//
  • Aight, you know what you doin', stop impersonatin' high school girls.
  • We both know yo girlfriend is fake, so does the entire world.
  • Is Jennifer what you named yo ChatGPT? Admit that, our you'll get burned.
  • Jason_The_Best? That's complete bullshit, it's more like Jason_The_Worst.
  • Actually, Jason_The_Misogynistic suits you better, every day, you goin' too far.
  • It's actually quite embarrassing that every minute, you shart real hard.
  • You cappin' so much, it's so obvious that it's only facts you disregard.
  • You and your alt accounts betta get the fuck of this site, you motherfuckin' retard.
  • I ain't scared of the pussy you controllin' on yo school Chromebook.
  • You just a failed abortion and not even yo fake parents and "girlfriend" love you, take a look.
  • Motherfuck you and you alt accounts, you know my amazing bars real good.
  • Now stop the cap comin' from you ass, you fuckin' sped McDonald's cook.
  • I'm autistic and I'm beatin' the fuck out of you, that must be humiliating.
  • Fuck you, your ChatGPT thread and all the time you wasting.
  • You don't do raps, you're a pedophile and the Africans is who you hating.
  • 'Cause they need food and you a fatass, everybody hates you for everything.
  • //Jennifer-Zita Diss//
  • I know that, either, you're a ChatGPT thread, and Jason named you Jennifer.
  • Or, you're a stupid-ass pussy worshippin' him after he said a racist slur.
  • And I know I ain't gettin' fucked by a simp straight outta the kindergarten special ed class.
  • I will not tolerate your terrible behavior, you know he don't got the N-word pass.
  • Jason_The_Misogynistic's alt account, I know she got nothin' on me.
  • Why the fuck are you in love with a pedophile who eats pussy.
  • I know she ain't praisin' the same person who won't leave her one fuckin' cookie.
  • Is this Jason's alt account, his victim, or is it another playground bully?
  • I know you not worshippin' the hoe who motherfuckin' raped you.
  • If you fuckin' try me, Imma leave you blazed worse than a boo-boo.
  • Max level asshole, no wonder nobody, not even your "boyfriend" loves you.
  • You're just another dumbass, that shit is insanely true.
  • Tell me, why are in fuckin' love wit' a rapist?
  • You two also share a trait, you're both fuckin' racist.
  • Either it's Jason's alt, or it's one of the kids from his basement.
  • All you are is a goddamn puppet made for my entertanment.


  • Motherfucker don't make me laugh you sound like an ass that gets zero ass
  • Making up shit to sound valid is wack so you are spitting zero facts
  • But here's a good fact calling yourself a God is blasphemous
  • And making up shit to get heat this creep needs to lay off the cannabis
  • Having autism doesn't excuse you for being a piece of shit
  • Keep talking shit about Jason and get a piece of this greeting diss
  • You just beefing for attention to fit in with a connection
  • You coming out as a Lowkey faggot would be your confession
  • It's a good thing you ain't a player because I ain't noting to play with
  • I'm Latina with a fiery behavior, so shave your nuts off with a razor
  • Besides you don't need em anyway since you act so feminine
  • In the hood they would make you look like a bitch now you ain't so menacing
  • You think I'm an AI, well explain these lyrics they real as fuck
  • You are the one living in fantasy land to fulfill the bluff
  • Quit watching cartoon characters fucking and fuck a person
  • Oh wait, that's right, he's still a virgin, we was fucking certain
  • Leave Jason alone he didn't anything to you did he?
  • But call you out on your bullshit while being sharp and witty
  • Do something other than pretending to be a rapper which you clearly suck at
  • All these fucking fake rap battles so far and you just nearly suck at that

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