Battles  GhostSword vs Jennifer-Zita


You are either fake as fuck or really fucking stupid for being in a relationship with a fat fucking slob like Jason Bitch.

Max of 32 lines


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  • Make this make sense to me why is a babe like you with Jason?
  • This lying fat pathetic excuse for a man who is mistaken
  • For a Peter Griffin looking ass, he thinks he's hot but he's not yet proud
  • Needs to pick up some weights, and drop the plates, maybe then he would drop the pounds
  • But you won't encourage him to do it and this implying that
  • You don't love this loser and your probably getting fucked behind his back
  • I don't blame you, Jason's belly is so big it makes his cock invisible
  • He has 1 inch it's minimal, like his mannerisms petty and despicable
  • How can you tolerate him? You said before it was due to money
  • And that's the only reason and way a guy like that can get lucky
  • He doesn't have the looks or skills to attract an attractive lady
  • You can't even fuck him he rather lick your snatch it's tasty
  • That's all that faggot can do, and you would be wanting something bigger
  • Something bigger and better not something less than a fucking finger
  • But something that goes deep that can really reach ya heart
  • Fall in love with this love arrow by Cupid its long thick deep and hard
  • I'll have you screaming my name with endless pleasure around in
  • When I switch between giving that thick ass a passionate pounding
  • Thanks for being a good slut and I wouldn't need to pay you a dime
  • Because I am a 10 you gave it up for free I say this and bye


  • Why don't you take that fake ass sword and use it to fuck yourself
  • Get a Anus infection that will destroy your fucking health
  • Keep Jason's name out of your mouth asshole again stick in your asshole
  • Before I grab a real sword and shove it straight up your ghostly ass whole
  • You are a nobody who talks shit and cyber bullies others
  • Be a man and confront me in person stop hiding undercover
  • You get no pussy from me because you are one already
  • I'm psychotic and deadly, I'll cut your piece off with a machete
  • then feed it to the sharks, you messing with a shark my teeth are razor sharp
  • Sharper than darts, battling me wasn't smart, your too slow I'll tear your face apart
  • That goes for anyone on this site, y'all ain't tough your softer than a pillow
  • I'm a tough chick who can rhyme and dance circles around you like a dance at a disco
  • You ain't a better rapper than me so throw your rhymes in a recycling bin
  • To get recycled again like a cycle of rhyming the same shit fuck the cycle and quit
  • When I'm pissed I wanna throw piss at every thirsty dude
  • You wanna throw dirt at Jason but your thoughts are dirty too
  • But I'll stop right here and whoever else wants an ass kicking they can get it
  • I'm not to be fucked with or my man so I hope you understand and get this

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