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  • Man, how long it been since the nigga dropped? I swear nigga walked off a cliff and we just laughed and watched...
  • Nigga came at me half-cocked, I'ma get I'm so cut his dick off, he can't move his legs crossed cross applesauce like he rick ross
  • Why's a nigga saying shit that he can't back up,he votes but can't pay the voices in his head to shut the fuck up
  • Monday, Tuesday, straight through to Sunday, an then back again, every day is an offday
  • to get popped, to get honeypottted and get too hot, thinking he the heat but he not
  • Eventually he'll get a job and realise he weren't cut out to be what he thought
  • Rapping just ain't for him, minimum wage is waiting, just like Grim Reaper is after he started vaping
  • I can en his story any time he want, but he gotta fire off first, with his glock that he sucked dick to rob
  • Man can't get to hot, gun fever gon strike like real steel, except just your average bot
  • My biggest fear is that he go fire and hit, aha, man i', just talking shit
  • He walkin like he's made of money, but honey, you ain't got the balls or the bill to try and hit a lick
  • So fuck you, for faking a life you never had, you gooner, you going red in the face, am I making you mad?
  • Good, you fucking dick, you can go suck it, and anybody who wants to try to diss me in fact
  • Nigga, go walk it off, no-one gon show you applause for being another cause for war
  • grazed yourself and got cut into pieces, as if were scared of your last resort
  • You like a mako shark, hone in on the bait I throw out, just sniffing for the clout
  • Whats that about, hand you the make-up, call you a freaky ass clown
  • Go bone your dog and his mother go make dog nigga a thing, don worry, ain nobody care, nobody recording a thin.
  • Man ima take you to church, rake you over the fucking coals, nigga, burn you cos yo shit too sweet
  • You gon sweep a weepy nigga off his feet, shit, I bet you think you harder than concrete
  • It's less of a fan greet and meet, more of a meet-cute when it's a 9-year old gap-toothed
  • put you on the hill you intend to die on as you think you the king of the hill
  • well lucky there a fucking family guy, I'm a can-do motherfucker with adrenaline from popping pills
  • You use artificial irrelevance they gon call me irreverent, you gon die without a penny to your name
  • call this shit the big bang theory, call me smart for the fucking reference, cos that's all you can seem to do
  • well, guess what nigga, sometimes shit speaks for itself, a fucking nerd tryna rap, what is this, ERB?!
  • Shit gon make me go on a killing spree, call the cops when you see YBE, Take your shots when you see YBE
  • Yeah you know who I compared myself to, cos I believe that shit, im truly on that shit
  • remember that hill I mentioned a few bars ago, man you like Mufasa and im like scar
  • drop you quicker than Gotham with it's slums
  • Oh, and the George Floyd bar, keep dissing my Twitter. You racist. Yeah.
  • I said what we all thinking, and feeling, and just waiting for you to peel yo skin off and reveal your true colours.
  • Drop a face reveal and maybe well let up, niggas jawning, fam, let me holla at you fam, nigga gon make me stop calling tan black
  • shit just darker white, great now im ranting, not my fault that you got me panting fuck you motherfuc-


  • Falling in love on the inside
  • Hearts skipping beats, on a high ride
  • Emotions deeper than the high tide
  • Fuck love, but can't hide all the vibes
  • Lost in her eyes she got me zoned
  • She a queen, she got me dethroned
  • Heart racing now I'm dethroned
  • Insecurity a bitch got me cloned
  • Chasing her love it's a maze
  • Caught in a trance stuck in a daze
  • Her love is like a drug, got me glazed
  • Love hurts but I need it
  • Heartbreak havoc, can't defeat it
  • In this game, don't wanna cheat it
  • Love's a battlefield, gotta bleed it
  • Tripping over love, can't stand
  • Like a puppet with strings in my hand
  • Love's a bitch, got me banned
  • Playing in flames, all shit grand
  • Her touch like fire, burning bright
  • In her love, like a thief in the night
  • Locked in her gaze, out of sight
  • Fuck love, but it feels so right
  • Heartbreak havoc, can't escape
  • In love's grasp, like an ape
  • Love's a bitch, but I need it
  • Heartbreak havoc, can't defeat it
  • In this game, don't wanna cheat it
  • Love's a battlefield, gotta bleed it
  • Fuck love, but i'm all in
  • Heartbreak havoc, cant begin
  • In this war, we gotta win
  • Love's chaos, where I been

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