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  • your a little bitch, put you in a ditch.
  • which your not rich.
  • another hit is considered another pitch.
  • I'ma leave you in crutches, by throwing punches.
  • I'm no justice, I'm just making judgements.
  • I got the murder documents already, it's already steady.
  • Stab you with a machete, body is heavy.
  • especially, every envy.
  • envy more like v, cause you get no v.
  • pussy tryna diss, notice after this you'll be in the abyss.
  • pissin' on your gravestone, sittin' on my throne.
  • cause i'll be known, and you'll be lone.
  • Your feelings will be shown.
  • probably break your issues, I got youth.
  • you still refuse to give up, yet I bet you regret.
  • all you are is a pussy, that's purely insane for a tough guy.
  • oh why, cause you'll try to play and die and then fly high.
  • so don't try, just cry.


  • nigga im fast, gassed up like im flash.
  • i got that hidden stash.
  • tryna diss my bag, but yall smokin' crack.
  • but, this track is fire, im more fire then you desire.
  • nigga your ass, and your jus trash.
  • eat my ass. while I'm sticking' my dick in ya, Clap inna'
  • mr mista' your a retarded batista, mista' resta'
  • nigga messed up.
  • gettin' another fuckin' dub.
  • worshipped slut, shut the fuck up.
  • better, ketchup. i meant catch up.
  • white syrup, boutta' nut.
  • so shut the fuck up and suck my dick mutt.

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