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Just talk or do whatever you want man.

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  • I once did everything to get with this lady
  • In return she eventually gave me a piece of the tasty
  • Of yep I had to change for the better to attain
  • A man shouldn't be alone that man is in insane pain
  • It feels good to be in love to have a special companion
  • She loves me and I love her I'm lucky and we planning
  • On getting married one day that would be so great
  • I'm just so happy and really that's all I got to say


  • Hmm, you know good for you sounds like you really found the one
  • But to bother me late at night with the shit it's proud and dumb
  • And honestly you sound like a fucking simp who got lucky
  • You probably married an annoying bitch that was slutty
  • Enjoy it while it last in a flash It will end with that
  • One day you will come home and find your wife in bed with Chad
  • You have a bone to pick after he was boning the bitch in the mouth
  • She's been a bad girl you won't punish her but Chad took the bitch to the pound
  • Giving her a good pounding, something she was lacking from you apparently
  • Because you lack in the downstairs department and so tremendously
  • Energy driven but lack the same energy to be a man
  • Your shit Can't stand up its comical he can't take a stand
  • If you can't stand for something then you will fall for anything
  • Like you when you fell hard for a hoe that would gulp for everything
  • You are very gullible fool to wanna accept disrespect
  • But it's your life and it's a fucking wreck you gotta disinfect
  • You can't call this love if it's one sided she's the one having fun
  • While she's not on your side so have fun in not having none

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