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  • Hey
  • Jason
  • Shut the fuck up
  • You can’t say that word
  • You stupid ass turd
  • Respect the king
  • Or I’m going to get you murdered
  • Go eat some cheese curd
  • You fat ass bitch
  • You stupid ass zombie ass retarded kid
  • You talk about your girl Jennifer
  • But you be living in your fantasy
  • If she was real she wouldn’t be with your ugly ass (ugly ass)
  • You cancelled (cancelled x5)
  • You knew you was losing the battled
  • You was rattle
  • If you were an adult
  • Maybe you would be smart enough to know
  • Not to be a dumbass
  • Now it’s you against the world
  • I’m on the world
  • You don’t deserve heaven you deserve the underworld
  • I hope you get your ass beat many many times (many many times x2)
  • I ain’t doing shit near you
  • Fuck you
  • You a dumbass racist (dumbass racist)
  • I hope you get cancelled
  • I hope you get burned
  • I hope you get twisted and turned
  • Because you deserve it
  • You dumbass prick
  • Just a fella or something for instance
  • I hope you get lice
  • I hope you die
  • Team twesly all the way…
  • give up on your dreams
  • When you ain’t gonna achieve them…
  • Fuck you
  • Fuck your ass
  • Fuck your girl
  • Fuck your fantasy
  • (Team twesly)


  • Lol
  • LMAO
  • I Win
  • You Lost
  • I'm better than you
  • You are a virgin
  • Get A Girlfriend
  • Get A job
  • Eat Some food because your looking like a mosquito
  • I'm sitting back drinking a gallon of soda with Doritos
  • You ain't better than me I'm better than you
  • Now you can eat this donut right after I chew

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