Battles  Jason_The_Best vs Katherine_Blades


If I win you gotta show us sexy pictures of your sexy ass. You look like a model for me and these fucking virgins on this site.

Max of 18 lines


Katherine_Blades won this battle!


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  • Guess what I had for breakfast? I had a whole 20 inch pizza
  • Then I drank a gallon of soda that I let get cool in the freezer
  • Then I went out to smoke, and tonight me and Jennifer are going out
  • To hang with our friends to drink until my fat ass passes out
  • Excuse me, I gotta let some gas out after eating food from Taco Bell
  • Now I gotta ask you this question how did that shit smell?
  • I bet you wanted to puke because It smelled like fucking shit
  • Kinda like your whole time here you are a complete waste of piss
  • In your last battle you said you were a man a tranny I forgot
  • For a man you look hot on the same level as Megan Fox
  • Sometimes I wish I was as tall and skinny as Machine Gun Kelly
  • And maybe them you would wanna fuck me if I didn't have a belly
  • But I said fuck it I rather be fat because I'm lazy
  • You look hungry I could feed you my dick it's pretty tasty
  • If I win you gotta show all of Rappad sexy pictures of you
  • If you virgins don't make me win then we will never see your thick sexy ass nude


  • Where do I begin? Well for starters you are ugly and obese
  • Your diet is very incredibly unhealthy so please
  • Lose some fucking weight, before your heart stops beating in deep
  • Your only using those drumsticks so you can keep beating your meat
  • A meatless chicken piece at that, but now I'm gonna bring hard facts
  • In form of a hard rap calling out and exposing you for your hard crap
  • I'm a woman, but when I was a man I had more bitches than you
  • With a bigger dick it in too with 1000 times more fitness in too
  • As a woman who models, it is a myth that I fuck ugly dudes
  • You smell pretty musty too, you need a shower and a bar of Dove it's true
  • It's either a bar of Dove, or get locked behind bars with Dove
  • You ain't washing ya ass he will wash it for ya fully hard with love
  • As far as love you have a face even your own mother wouldn't love it
  • When she had you you were a mistake a defect she was disgusted
  • If I was Megan Fox I would be a ghost a man in Jennifer's Body
  • I would fuck men and women only you would remain a virgin sorry
  • You have a 0/10 chance like you have a 0/10 appearance
  • What fat meat? all you have down there is fat skin, you need a strap on assistance

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