Battles  WrestlingRampage vs GhostSword


This might be my last battle and last written. I wanna move on to something else after this shit is done so that's that.

Max of 24 lines


WrestlingRampage won this battle!


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Battle on May 25 2024 and Battle on May 27 2024


  • Ghost I don't know about you but this may be my last written
  • I have been on this site long enough to gain enough wisdom
  • But now I wanna move on to something better
  • Something that I am passionate about and brings pleasure
  • I had been working long hours at a job that I fucking hate
  • Just to provide for myself but I have the guts to fucking say
  • That I don't wanna be a slave to a job that treats me like shit
  • I have been working too hard for them just to deplete me like this
  • While these fucking co workers they always talk and won't shut the fuck up
  • They need to put a humongous dick in their mouths to shut them up yup
  • I'm an introvert and asocial I work to get shit done
  • Not come to work to socialize because I don't find it fun
  • I ain't friends with these retards who talk about things that are stupid
  • They always slacking and gossiping about people that is useless
  • That is why I'm gonna quit next year and become self employed
  • I'm sick and tired of working for a fucking boss I'm so annoyed
  • Just incompetent people, say what you will but I'm brutally honest
  • I don't give a fuck I speak my mind as I truthfully promised
  • Right now I'm spending my time focusing on making these
  • I want to be a producer and focusing on making beats


  • I don't blame you as a matter of fact I just might do the same
  • This site ain't been the same for awhile now it's just a tool in frame
  • Amir has become lazy he really doesn't give a fuck about this
  • His own site that he created filled with trolls he didn't do nothing about it
  • But now forums don't exist back when it did people were talking mad shit
  • You had more internet beefs that would make weak vegans the saddest
  • To me the mid 2010s were just the best times but now those times are gone
  • We ain't never gonna get em back the nostalgia is kinda strong
  • The amount of users is lower now than it was then too
  • It's like a video game where the character roster decreased dude
  • These are facts, this new Gen is lost, but it us what it is
  • Now you got fat fucks talking shit and I'm like what a bitch
  • This place mind as well be a ghost zone because it's pretty dead
  • It's on the verge of it just standing on its last steady legs
  • I'm done with this place like a dumb bitch when I'm ready to dump her
  • With my sword I would slash this fucking trash then discard it in a dumpster
  • If you are gonna start making beats please send me your email
  • So I can purchase some from you so I can rap these clowns are frail

Cookin' something up, just wait a sec...