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Hey Gorgeous, let's do something different and let's just compliment each other.

Max of 18 lines


Dagger won this battle!


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  • Hey I just wanted to tell you I think you are extremely gorgeous
  • I think you are a great writer rapper and singer you are almost flawless
  • I love your voice it sounds so deep and sexy you should be a voice actor
  • I think you sound much better than these other female rappers
  • I really like your hair in your profile picture it's so long
  • You also have pretty eyes your features are nice and strong
  • I also like how you destroyed Jason_The_Best in a rap battle
  • You owned his fat ass like a boss got him eating L's and apples
  • I also see that you have been on this site for awhile
  • Since 2018 so you must got plenty of experience in a pile
  • Hey if you have other social media please let me know
  • I would like to see other pictures of you and so
  • Because you are awesome and I think I have a crush on you
  • You are a 10/10 to me that is how I view and what I view


  • Hello why thank you for the compliments it means a lot
  • I'm a creative person so as an outlet I just need to jot
  • I just need to jot these rhymes because it really frees the mind
  • I read unwind when I just need the time living in peace divine
  • You are very sweet but your self esteem is below the floor flat
  • Then people will start to walk all over you as if you were a doormat
  • Again I do appreciate the compliments so plentiful
  • But I am humble and never asked to be placed on a pedestal
  • Especially one I haven't earned respect is earned if sensible
  • It seems you like me but it's preferable the allure is sensual
  • I like how you weren't afraid to admit that you were autistic
  • Because some people don't understand them and some people are cruel and horrific
  • You also admitted you have a sex doll which others would find weird
  • But if you are happy and you don't care then live your life and like cheers
  • Ignore the haters and just focus on building skills and happiness
  • Those are valuable life lessons to go deal with crappy shit
  • I don't know what you are goals are here but don't take it serious
  • Just use this as a tool and for fun and this us just between us

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