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  • Attention shoppers, wage slaves, and everyone in between...
  • I mean, welcomedegenerates, woke scolds, and those clinging to outdated traditions.
  • They call me Aryeh, von Mozart HAHA, the one your therapist warned you about.
  • Never heard the name? Don't worry, by the end of this, you'll be begging for sweet oblivion.
  • Verse One
  • Looks like someone forgot to take their edge off meds today
  • Must be why they're lookin' so flexuous and supple, like a pillow made of Paraguay.
  • yeah, this is the problem
  • it like martin went into a apocalypse
  • stuck in the closet with pamela anderson
  • while am still wondering if Aamir khan a scammer or a cameraman haha
  • sorry emma thompson but your third act is having technical problems No
  • it like christiphor reeves has a beef while i finishing this reef
  • they try to Shut me Down on MTV
  • but you didn't even survive completely
  • you been dropped just like Paula deen
  • with a pot of beans got stuck in alot of schemes
  • fools all these fools follow me
  • now whoever am fighting i hope it not adam sandler
  • cause if that the case i might just pop a CD of madagascar
  • darn this whole thing everything is manufactured
  • but my words so harsh it feels and looks like salamanders
  • i got my wits and my mind, clear headed
  • but the beards and hairs melted
  • like icebergs my fear bellied
  • Chorus
  • i hope i don't reach the sky first
  • eye of the beholder above and beyond your eternal home
  • eternal rest, am grinning from neck to teeth at Cory Monteith
  • atleast i hope your having the best, i think
  • haha i hope i don't get cancel, cause with this pen is the handle
  • i didn't know cory monteit just die
  • so that cory monteit joke isn't gonna fly
  • Hah
  • Verse
  • Same bat channel, same bat time,
  • same Aryeh bringing the hullabaloo and bedlam
  • an anti hero is the only hero in this franchise,
  • eating vampires and allies you could call me allied
  • i tell you, never fall for a girl easily and eye her looks
  • or you become a weenie like tiger woods
  • i never knew your heart was so tender
  • am sorry but never wanted you to cry Kris jenner
  • but to be honest i don't really care no brainer
  • am doing a salute these rhymes are what i abuse
  • let me tell you fools we are not amused
  • and if you ask "who we?" it A.H.T.J and Aryeh and me
  • all one in the same skin but different beings
  • "what? the heck? Aryeh your so dumb, your a idiot, you got not one
  • you never be a rapper, never be anyone or a album slapper"
  • oh soon in couple of years i be that commander
  • and the one who get the chainsaw if you leave me unanswered
  • {Outro}
  • Alright snowflakes,
  • that's all the therapy you get for today.
  • Later, suckers!
  • Don't forget to buy my merch,
  • made in a sweatshop by children
  • who probably haven't even heard of your safe space.


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  • // I’m in a black suit on some opera type shit
  • You can’t capture the essence boy I’m in smoking section
  • My Flow is disgusting like pork beans in British breakfast
  • I bet you go to the club scared and wait beside the exit
  • Staring at ya self in the mirror is the battle of the sexes
  • I’m a real dime dealer, fuck nothing but dimes nigga
  • Hoes standing in line outside like some sign spinners
  • The Planet of the Apes I plan to do whatever it takes
  • Bring the real in the bitch and rid the planet of the fakes.
  • Taking Seeds of supremacy and plant there face inside granite
  • Exposing them bitches tits like Timberlake and Janet.
  • I’m still standing, your last diss didn’t do any damage.
  • So Keep researching bars you gotta translate from Spanish
  • Your a slave to my rhyme book without the transatlantic
  • The broken Latin, I write on scrolls while holding a lantern.
  • You roam around libraries I already know your patterns
  • I’ve already rapped more rings around you than Saturn
  • My lines can be defined only by the Fibonacci sequence
  • Im a perfect mix of genius and juvenile delinquent
  • This is like the iron chef versus a nerd with no ingredients
  • He’s just a free range chicken cooked without seasoning
  • The God King got weapons like The Archangel from Legion
  • Now We all know I’m from Florida but where’s your region?
  • Fuck it, I’m dragging your body by a dog collar right to Valhalla
  • Feeling sad that I had to kill off Rappads Hall monitor
  • Here lies Maverick, Here Lies Ishtalker, Me myself and I are the illest authors
  • There’s no big three only the God King no conspiracy
  • There really con men lyrically reading that shit is like misery.
  • I can see those pussys scissoring at what I’m delivering
  • I’m the Kanye of the shit, and you niggas dead like Donda
  • Dead in the passenger seat of your moms 2004 Honda
  • I set the Accord according to what’s the real reward
  • I just like to kill random people when I’m bored.
  • No clemency from the degeneracy
  • Generally

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