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  • happy pride month ^
  • use a recorded track


  • Back in the battle arena,
  • competition facing down a Brillig that's leaner,
  • leaning into the the depth of the field,
  • left you to questions what's real,
  • looking at your cards: like the bird in the meme
  • bloated gun talk, the simplest of themes
  • all you got stacked back there,
  • a brag with no personal touch
  • that lacks flair,
  • if the same 8 bars don't get
  • to be too much for you, guess your
  • intelliegence less than I assumed.
  • If this the state of the opposition, guess were doomed
  • if y'all rappers are kindergarten, imma clear the room
  • not here to be divisive, so you'll decide this real soon
  • (0:55)
  • not rich, thousands all i've been able to stack,
  • but twist, lifes not safe to be cracked,
  • boss' replace you but you can't your back
  • round dreams vs. square meals; just a matter of fact
  • (1:09)
  • y'all tattered and afraid to react,
  • brillig mixing batter, you crepe in the pans
  • savoire faire weather friends
  • flake like pastry dishes, break and take L's
  • like welsh place names, git this?
  • inches given will take miles
  • you can cut a ribbon to fake smiles,
  • guts is more than intestines,
  • patience is virtue/ you got time /to test mine?

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