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  • Hook oh they question me huh oh they lecture me huh oh there protecting LIL-BUNNY now huh
  • oh they objecting me oh no oh there wanting to take me to court oh there wanting answers well guess ts about we give them what they want
  • Verse yea so wait let me get this straight your taking her side when you don't even know mine huh
  • yea calling my shit trash but hmm I think you forget one thing that I have a whole army of motherfuckers
  • who would actually do anything to keep me safe and genjeezy I know I know you
  • said to not respond but it ain't my fault I guess today is just everybody hate SERPENT999 day but wait
  • if I respond there gonna say your stupid as fuck nah I'm smart as fuck which is why I just
  • don't give a fuck you motherfucking bastards think I'm gay hell no I just had to get out of
  • that relationship so I could get into my new one yea and I'm loving it and I know that she's loving it as well
  • yea and Genjeezy go ahead and start the battle but oh wait who really don't like what I have to say
  • I think ya'll know her as fucking lil bunny so the rap community won't let me be me
  • so let me see ya'll try to shut me done and tell me to leave well fuck no cause
  • I love it here and there might not be people who love me but you think I give a fucking flying fuck
  • all these people can see me in hell once its there time to go I'll ring the motherfucking bell
  • once there down there ill sell there souls because look you step on trash and I bury it oh wait
  • I guess your the trash


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  • 0:28
  • John Lansing Vanaken aka SERPENT999 more like fucking asinine
  • You wanna diss me that's fine but unlike you my Raps actually rhyme
  • It's GenXjeezy bitch not genjeezy you fucking spell like you're in the first grade
  • Graduating Pre-School is your highest accolade you're the dumbest asshole 2 inbreds ever made
  • Compared to LIL_BUNNY you're a downgrade are you happy your stupidity has been displayed?
  • You're too damn dumb to be afraid so you disobeyed now I gotta go off like a fucking grenade
  • You said you hit your head on a crib when you were a baby
  • That shit fucked you up real bad and yo I don't mean maybe
  • It's the same thing as being dropped on your head to add to that you're already an inbred
  • You're a misled dickhead I fucking told you, "fall back" so you fuckin' dissed me instead
  • You threatened your ex Emilia and that's abusive behavior you're obviously not a player
  • You're a fucking freak of nature if Emilia was my daughter I'd cut your throat with a razor
  • You say you don't deserve life you deserve death you got death on your breath
  • So get a toothbrush you scruffy motherfucker and it'd help to stop smoking meth
  • What a fucking loser you're a woman abuser I should have done this diss a lot sooner
  • This shit here isn't humor if you ever threaten my daughter I'll come and steal your future
  • You should have just listened to what I said and treated me like a man you should dread
  • I'll get into you're thick head where I'll tread and shred and make you wish that you were dead
  • You're so fucking goddamn dumb it should be a motherfucking crime
  • Next time you try to diss someone you might wanna make your Rap rhyme

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