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no rules just dont blow your flow

Max of 48 lines


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  • Yeah pull up like opp
  • ima pop at the cops until they drop
  • i aint gon stop this wont flop
  • i still aint got shot
  • this is starting to have no plot
  • i cannot yeah i Might have caused you to get washed up
  • i wont worship my plug been hittin up my phone
  • i dont got no microphone your unknown
  • i wont condone being alone i am not a clown
  • i will own im not alone
  • you a clown
  • this gon be a touchdown you gon shutdown
  • ima do this til sundown you need to come down you just a clown with high ego
  • ima blow your flow you aint got any dough you aint ghetto ima bring up the tempo
  • yo ima go i aint got time to follow im not gonna sorrow im a pro im not gonna throw
  • im On the show you so slow you got too much ego you a foe im not gonna let your ego grow you so low
  • im gonna make you throw no more of this im too tired lets do this tomorrow
  • although ima glow ima make you swallow your ego whoa you so below
  • you aint even got any intro
  • you zero im a hero
  • ima show you slow yeah you so low but i solo
  • ima show how to blow the foes flow
  • i aint need a window
  • its gonna be below zero you gonna go for the low blows
  • that aint so hero whoa ima blow up
  • quit doing the drugs you aint no thug with sluts i got the cuts
  • ima show you guts and blood i got my luck you gon get hit by a truck
  • you aint gon stomach my lyrics there like bricks i mix lyrics and physics
  • you some pigs let me snap you back to reality i got sanity this gravity
  • i got so much mentality this tragedy ima get so bloody
  • anybody needs to study this aint no melody i guarantee
  • maybe this is my destiny
  • you funny ima let your anxiety calm down yeah this could've been a tragedy


  • Yo, you're rich?
  • Are limousine drivers, cause bitch, you like them long and black
  • nordictrack, over work myself, cardiovascular heart attack
  • Got a yard of plaques, and you're just a shard of plaque
  • I drop one word, you drop and crap
  • Not saying you drop heat i'm saying you have no back
  • Faggot, Spineless,
  • Ripping disses spitting ammunition mindless
  • take this not as a warning but as welcoming kindness
  • Let's begin to start the trial and put the future behind us (What?)
  • Cause I mean it's already determined, rap battles certify as deterrents
  • You're a punk and your worthless,
  • full of shit and 2 sides opinions, so i'm digon a pit for this burden
  • crucify you with curtains, if you think this track is dope wait for the 9 different versions
  • I'm like a saint to this virgin, lift you high to the tip of the knife and then shive in your cervix, pussy (echo last word)
  • Switch beat
  • ahh, I'm tired of this whores ; far car, rhyming ass rhyme scheme
  • Only thing you rap about is coke and wearing shiesties
  • You got an xbox one ass name, finding your ex and show her one
  • Bitch
  • Doesn't rhyme, but you're ball-less, if you wanna glaze this bad at least say your highness
  • Cause at this point i'm royalty, beat yo ass without an ounce of uncertainty
  • Show some courtesy, showing your face around here without any blowback
  • And saying you rip hot bars at least prove your worth to peeps
  • Instead of cramming peeps
  • (Haha)
  • Sometimes I can't with me, your girls pretty cool to, she comes in handily
  • Cause she knows how to handle D
  • Up here dog come on show some hand to me
  • It's just a joke man why you mad at me
  • I got nothing on you but I'll still beat and win relentlessly
  • If you didn't want the smoke, man you shouldn't have tried to mess with me
  • This is the upcoming of me and the downfall for he
  • mister oily, trans cracker, in the place you don't belong it's mix 'd oil (Sheesh!)
  • Fuck boy, I'm out of here, bitch after bitch, coil-y
  • You ain't shit, ass bars, come back better, you're nothing but a boy with beats

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