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  • Got here from Greece just to say that your weak ass rhymes sucks
  • You should quit rapping and starting asking for bucks
  • You ain't getting no sluts, while my ass work like a drug
  • Bitches come they get a sip, and they want to suck
  • I am getting bitches and thug's, I go both ways, hit them like a truck
  • Just met your mom yesterday, she wanted my ass like a cupcake
  • She danced all night wanted no break
  • Coochie wet, swim on the lake and then fuck to do a earthquake
  • My man you are nothing but a scared rat
  • So just go sit on your dad's lap
  • And then take your milk and have a nap
  • Even if my ass was flat, my moves would still slap
  • And would hit your face hard like a bat
  • Your room so dirty, to get in there you have to use a map
  • And when you wake up you look like you escaped from a lab
  • You should get on your knees pray for Athena
  • Or I will whack your face, tornado, Katrina
  • Gonna hunt you down, gonna be fast, on all fours call me cheetah
  • When I am done with this, gonna eat your bones like pizza
  • I will be Eminem and you will sit your ass down like Christina


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  • //Tw1zt3d//
  • Just want it to break, like a reaction chain
  • This pattern I hate, pointless it stinks
  • Dozin' off to sleep, 'cause of the methamphetamine
  • These studies are weak, in space I'm floating
  • Them dreams I'm hoping, doors are opening 'n closing
  • When a door opens, it's another opportunity
  • Another opportunity passed up, round after round
  • Through shots I drown, doped up the frown
  • Playin' opposites, homies been constant shifts
  • 9 to 5 the job, it's tirin', burn 'em down, let the fire win
  • Just to get attention, each line starts a connection
  • The defi-nition, lines switchin', no straight line
  • The coke went flat, strike 'em twice, a bottle tap
  • No line to crash, straight back to the lab
  • See what Twisted been cookin' up
  • Make the blood squirt, like good ketchup
  • Playin' catch up, what I missed
  • Another kid, my name they diss
  • Twisted's revenge, they wrists I slit
  • Back in the dark, I'm playin' dead

Cookin' something up, just wait a sec...