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Whoever the voters think won is who wins but I hope it's me.

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Magnet won this battle!


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  • You think you the man just because you pay for sex?
  • That bitch on your arm is fake and just a way to flex
  • You ain't no chick magnet the only thing you attract is dicks
  • Spitting out glue and shit now it's stuck inside attached to prick
  • I'm healthy man and stay a healthy man already man
  • Upset me and you well have to deal with my heavy hands
  • So keep the noise down and let the real man do the rhyming
  • I was first so you have to go back in the line


  • So do you think you the man because you fap and lack a bitch?
  • So pussy deprived they gave you no water your tears has enrich
  • That bitch on my arm jumps on my dick like it's a pogo stick
  • Afterwards we sleep together in the same bed you go solo kid
  • I bet you wish that you could touch her tits so soft and jiggling
  • I know you jelly I'm jacked and strong you fat with a belly wiggling
  • Got her giggling, you fat and smelly to us you ain't shit dude
  • You ain't healthy and watching late adult content is what you into
  • So take a rest and go to bed thinking ya hand is handy though
  • But ya hand don't count as a baddie though but whatever makes you happy bro
  • What I got is better though think you winning this shit oh no
  • You ain't gonna stop my flow stop wasting my time so go

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