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  • Supreme essence, spirit in session, thoughts in a liquid suspension
  • Brain preserved, in a jar my wisdom mentioned.
  • Gifted in my laziness, yet the hustle’s relentless
  • Questioning life’s essence, Gaza’s confine—a timeless sentence.
  • Genocide’s shadow, lingering through our days
  • Our homeland’s invaded, by cosmic strays.
  • Covert congregations, plotting demographic sways
  • A.I. taking over, middle class pays.
  • Twitter’s chief a bigot, segregation his early days
  • Presidential mind locked, in a mental haze.
  • They parade him, agenda's dark, the puppet plays
  • Deep state, deep fakes, minds lost in the maze.
  • Chemtrails above, even Colgate’s laced
  • Yellow teeth, fear the paste that’s fluoride-based.
  • Truth blurred with lies, genders interlaced
  • Men softened, tools stripped, reality defaced.
  • Work to exhaustion, numb the pain with vice
  • Financial moguls sprint, while we barely slice.
  • Stargazing dreams, space walks entice
  • Yet, astral slack, back to vice, the cyclic splice.
  • Vaccinations for a cough, the new protocol
  • While the rich wage wars, the poor’s downfall.
  • Tech distractions, intelligence stall
  • Netflix and feuds, the masses enthral.
  • Ethnic cleansing, divine abandonment, harsh revelation
  • Hospitals overflow, incels’ patience worn thin.
  • A nation birthed in hate, the cursed equation
  • Striving blind, not knowing virtue from sin.
  • Soulless climb the ladder, the corrupt succeed
  • I’m the terror the court dreads, off my meds I bleed.
  • Chrome to my head, alone with thoughts that plead
  • Manifestos in lead, solitude my creed.
  • A true leader, not just another figure
  • Faith in God, no blind follower, no trigger.
  • Rejecting the devil's music, its materialistic rigor
  • Voices manipulate, their intent only bigger.
  • Mind on my money, and on Palestine
  • Money flows abroad, while my people decline.
  • Paranoia watches, through blinds that confine
  • The same car circles, the threat line.
  • Middle East unrest, as long as oil’s bound
  • From river to sea, the costs astound.
  • GK Trill, voice of the underground
  • Spitting truths hard, till the system’s unbound.


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  • Yo, it's SethTheSpitter, back with the flow,
  • 64 lines of hard bars, let's go,
  • I'm the best, no contest, you already know,
  • I'm spitting fire, burning up the whole show.
  • I'm the king of the mic, the ruler of the rhyme,
  • Every verse I drop is like a mountain I climb,
  • My bars hit hard, they're one of a kind,
  • I leave other rappers behind, out of their mind.
  • I'm the lyrical genius, the rap virtuoso,
  • My words cut deep like a sharp samurai's blow,
  • I flow so smooth, like a river, I'll never slow,
  • I'm on top of the game, there's no plateau.
  • I'm spitting these bars, straight from the heart,
  • Every line I write is a work of art,
  • I'm tearing up the beat, tearing it apart,
  • I'm the master of the craft, playing my part.
  • I'm the rap phenomenon, the one to watch,
  • Every verse I spit is like a lyrical onslaught,
  • I'm the real deal, not just a knock-off,
  • I'm the one you want to listen to, I'm the boss.
  • So listen up closely, hear what I say,
  • My bars are the best, no need to replay,
  • I'm the one you want to hear every day,
  • I'm SethTheSpitter, and I'm here to stay.
  • I'm the heavyweight champ, no one can contend,
  • Every bar I drop is like a punch, I'll never bend.
  • I'm the master of the game, the one who'll ascend,
  • I'm SethTheSpitter, my reign will never end.
  • I spit flames hotter than the sun, scorching the track,
  • Every word I spit is like a knife, cutting back to back.
  • I'm the lyrical assassin, launching a sneak attack,
  • I'm on another level, there's no way to detract.
  • I'm the maestro of the beat, conducting the symphony,
  • Every verse I spit is pure poetry, pure epiphany.
  • I'm the rap god, the one with divinity,
  • I'm the one you want to hear, the one with the infinity.
  • I'm spitting these bars with precision, with finesse,
  • Every line I write is a masterpiece, nothing less.
  • I'm the rap wizard, casting spells, I confess,
  • I'm the king of the game, I must confess.
  • So listen up, world, and hear what I say,
  • My bars are the truth, there's no other way.
  • I'm the one you want to hear, day after day,
  • I'm SethTheSpitter, and I'm here to stay.
  • 1 for the dreamers, chasing stars in the night,
  • 2 for the leavers, walking away from the light,
  • 3 for the lost souls, searching for a home,
  • 4 for the broken hearts, feeling so alone,
  • 5 for the fighters, battling their inner wars,
  • 6 for the survivors, who've faced life's closed doors,
  • 7 for the believers, in a better tomorrow,
  • 8 for the seekers, of solace in their sorrow,
  • 9 for the lovers, with hearts pure and true,
  • 10 for the dreamers, whose dreams fell through,
  • 11 for the warriors, with scars on their skin,
  • 12 for the hopeful, with dreams deep within,
  • 13 for the ones, who never gave in.

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