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  • And I don't need a deal to have and crack to trap
  • And I don't have a f****n problem with coming back
  • I can take you out the hood And I don't need a deal to have and crack to trap
  • They don't wanna see me with it
  • And I'm back to spittin the fire
  • I can take you out to the hood imma hit u with with this wood


  • yea i was in a jail cell and man that courtroom was messy i mean sure it was metaphorically but still it
  • was pretty messy prolly cause it was the comfort of my own goddamn home
  • and when your at home you feel safe secure well when im at home i feel the opposite of
  • safe and or secure i feel unsafe unsecure so when i got suspended for 3 days and the other guy got no
  • charges on his record but i do then he gonna go into a car stuff him in the freezer oops guess i have some charges
  • on my hands oh well you think i really care cause i dn't care i cold give two fucks what you or your motherfucking
  • family is up to and emilia once again we diss you on this platform why?
  • cause your trash calling me untrustworthy well motherfucking bitch your fucking
  • right and i only say that cuz your fucking my ex and you say i start drama well motherfucking bitch your the drama starter
  • bitch you can just leave my nam out your goddamn mouth and keep my friends out of your goddamn hole
  • your just like all the rest of the hoes who i had in my life your clingy you don't care about noone but
  • your goddamn self

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