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  • Shouts to Cave, Ekko
  • Holla back, if you part of that Delta 9 Frat
  • One time for the 'cide; he's a Pitt on keys
  • Like a drug-dog,
  • Glove comp'; y'all ain't fit for me.
  • Wrapped 'round my finger, lil' chicken feats
  • Features that would never, be caught dissin' me, kiss the ring
  • *"Kiss the ring bitch. Your whole ilk dubs it. What's a shout-out to a shoot-out? Do it public, no YouTube channel, I'm still subbin'."*
  • *Glove comp'; y'all ain't fit for me.*
  • Like watching OJ's fingies squeeze,
  • I'll run the gauntlet, 49 rush yards
  • For the gold... Guess I am GILDYYY
  • *How not to run the gauntlet?*
  • Is one time for the side(s), like, let's be Professional here
  • And I ain't twisting things, unless it's Goatz
  • If there's another fit he'll throw, I need some freshly cut cashmere,
  • For the winter. Yall's trash, yall's mere biters and mirror lickers
  • We're differed, by fear winners and near quitters
  • You were invented and molded from, Professor Utonium
  • Y'all are boxer brief fighters
  • Gettin' tighter than Tyche's beef with writers
  • He should be a freestyler, sheesh
  • The chutzpah on these recent teething rhymers
  • I sees it, y'all weren't even fire prior, but decent
  • If y'all got your walking papers fast enough you still couldn't b-beat riders with that egregious timin'
  • What's a Pontus to a deep-diver, anyway
  • Capiche? Finna hogtie y'all with the spiral binders from your written days
  • Etched in stone, I'll humiliate, I'm picking bones, I will dig your graves
  • Cal Capone needs alimony, he married the game
  • Still mid tier rank, same 40 that I'm sipping, aye, aye
  • We're not birds of a feather, I ruffled your's and stuck them in my hat
  • See how you passionate you are, I fashion you my art piece,
  • Pardon me, you're splashing with red markings, 'cause I love slashing from the heart
  • On fleek in geese fleece I flick off the blood from the quill, like ASH from a CIGAR
  • If AK were here still, I'd need burner accounts for STASHING these GUN BARS
  • What he had in critique he didn't have in skill, another backseat target that dodged CRASHING 'to a KARR!


  • (yo drummer boi hit me up) yo its drummer boi niggas tryna run up on me
  • they aint gonna we in the back listening too la chona slump-c if u had a bitch
  • she would look like fiona i wanna get a picture with oprah js took my
  • bitch to fashion nova im gangster from arizona me and arthur are the best
  • duo like luke skywalker and yoda slump-c i will knock u dead out put
  • in ur coma im so bored slump -c in the hospital ima pull the cord it doesent
  • matter u were already on life support i woke up gotta thank the lord (lord)
  • cocaine on the table ima snort slump-c ur mom saw me said ima report
  • dw slump im ur step dad in anthor 2 months me and arhtur somking
  • u like ur a blunt some guy tryna pull up we shot him down some
  • old lady saw i said dw its a stunt we chasing u down like its a hunt
  • ur not that far we kill u instant fuck mavrick ur ill old man
  • ( how do u feel) ur not dr phil this is not a drill this is a warning mavrick this
  • is a scary movie its a (thrill) i see u running ur slow ass ima push u down hill
  • this y ur homeless u forgot to pay ur bill id rather be in heaven then be hell
  • like nigga u smell i punch ur old face it swelled i was only in 3rd and i got
  • expelled tend my girl enjoys when i fuck her ass when she bend
  • mavrick u bitch dont mess with arthur bc ill defend ur not even my friend
  • ur life is at 1 percent as i punched ur chest (fuck u maverick u dum prick)
  • west side

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