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  • Rapping at you raw, KillersNoMercy
  • Finna kill them all, Kill her, no mercy
  • Master P or D, Miller R. Percy
  • When I dip my balls in her, home early
  • Dipping my sack on her clit, like girl play
  • Dipping my bag in the tea, like earl grey
  • Shitting a rack while I'm peeing, all day
  • Spitting a rap while you're fleeing all ways
  • Eat you alive, like a consumer
  • tune that shit up like I'm a fucking tuner
  • I heard a rumor, you're dying sooner
  • cause you're giving head away like you're a tumor
  • your head is an egg, drown your ass then boil it
  • I'll make you beg, but meanwhile you'll enjoy it
  • I shit in your bowl while I don't try to spoil it
  • I bet on my soul you like skibidi toilet


  • Yeah yo JFB You wanna challenge me cause you wanna be me
  • What does JFB stand for hmmm lets see JunkyFunkyBitch
  • Thats is perfect for you suits ya well mate. Lets Rap
  • Faithful walks I take in the woods
  • He always tells the truth. The bad with the good
  • We got ya back I was raised in the hood
  • The oldest rule in the books
  • Young Hov in the house it's so necessary
  • I say some shit he be like Yo you so legendary
  • I shock and get the word in
  • If you nervous I got the service
  • “I’ve been hated by many, wanted by plenty,
  • disliked some, but confronted by none
  • Life without knowledge is death in disguise.
  • I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death
  • When the devil wants to dance with you,
  • you better say never. cause the dance
  • with the devil might last forever.
  • “I am a hard person to love but when I love, I love
  • i love really hard. Surround myself with love, not friends.
  • “I would have so many friends if I help back the truth and
  • just gave out comments. My lyrics aren’t offensive. Some
  • people find everything offensive. We came into a broken world.
  • and were the clean-up crew

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