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  • Yeah Lil_bunny Dont mess with these badass women the beast
  • Much Respect going towars Lil_Bunny this rap is random yeah
  • lets get it.
  • Like, most of y'all rappers is signed to the streets
  • Only deal that you took was a plea
  • get money while he pee, shoutout my label, that's me
  • I own a hundred percent of my cuts, bitch, nobody takin' a fee
  • I heard they sent my music to police, so, this is a message to NYPD
  • I cap in my raps, I'm an innocent tweep
  • Keep a teddy bear when I sleep
  • I'm rappin' the words, but they write it for me
  • Me? I'm all about keepin' the peace
  • I mean, at least I get paid, 'cause a lot of these rappers be cappin' for free
  • They call me "The Ock"
  • I got the bread, she chopped, but said, "Can I bring a friend?"
  • Never, never, never
  • I guess she forgot the bev', like two fives don't equal a ten
  • Quick math, don't try it again
  • She shaped like a turtle, or a hen
  • Her makeup is fucked, she don't know how to blend
  • Make her do Wordle, she need to have brains if she givin' out head
  • Call her Virgil, 'cause the way she be blowin' shit got me dead, ha-ha
  • Shawty got Arctan, I wanna intersect her circle
  • She like bunny I like purple", so I blew her back out, and I left her on read
  • Get it? 'Cause, blue and red equals purple
  • So, I blew her back out and I left her on read
  • Don't let that go over your head
  • One thot, two thot, three thot, four, they all put their knees on the floor
  • Kisha, Becky, Sophie, Zoe, textin' me, beggin' for more
  • Blockin' that bitch if she callin' me, "bro"
  • If you my dog, then chew on my bone
  • Woof, woof, Lil_Bunny the Queen at switchin' the flow
  • To all my competition, dig a grave, dig a grave
  • I invested money in myself and it paid
  • I can't take a break 'til
  • Mabu is a household name


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  • you crook
  • ill hook don't overlook
  • you should go back to Hollywood
  • My body would make you look misunderstood
  • Prisoners would be more understood
  • The words could put you in the first book Others would be hooked it would be good
  • and how you gonna how you gonna name yourself as a rapper and have a man bun
  • i'm numb your a victim this system is like a kingdom
  • i get more income with some rhythm
  • Bring some new lyricism
  • ill make you go numb, I'm platinum this is a good anthem
  • that hung I'll give you back some your welcome
  • i got some momentum you got no weapon
  • get some of this venom i eliminate and send them to heaven i don't threaten i think you need a pension
  • this depression its a reflection, this expression like another dimension
  • there's so much suspension and i have too much protection
  • Attention apparently you got an obsession
  • But i got aggression and attention with connections
  • I got my vengeance
  • any questions no looks like i win
  • give your attention stop doing distention i had to have some intervention
  • extension you mention when i make the tension
  • ill let that sink in like a connection a phenomenon
  • common on i aint no automaton
  • i rip my bong like a bomb
  • this aint no Vietnam i am calm
  • no com and im gone

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