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  • Look, man I ain't dissing this an invitation, but don't be forgetting this titian is in the making.
  • I'm cronos with semi automatic , an addict mader than the hatter bitch . This shit chapter 6
  • Back to to add more to my casket bitch, putting more heads in the basket shit
  • Fucked a bunny left her on the mattress. Rapping is a habit, every freestyle
  • I get better , don't take it wrong this just a letter but if you wanna take a dissing way let's go
  • Hoe.
  • You ain't matching my flow, rap my home. I'm a king and no I don't got a gold , chain , but no one
  • Cares about a gold chain if it attached to a no, name. I'm insane but I'm running this track
  • Like Usain. You bitch made , and I bitch slay what did this bitch say. Catching the bull olay.
  • You say you a goat okay, when I rap I kill bitches like oj. This a warning.
  • Dont diss fag , hit me up let's collab


  • (intro)
  • alright man u wanna collab, u can but u gonna have to follow some rules,
  • gotta have a profile image, at least 20 reputation, and gotta follow me.
  • alright boy this ain't a fight,
  • u wanna be in the collab to unite,
  • this is short but still, u'll have some space on yo mind,
  • like I say having gigabytes,
  • in this group we talk respect to out teamates,
  • and each and everyone who appreciates,
  • and don't make everyone fustrate,
  • u can join,
  • its like givin someone a bitcoin,
  • if u retire u can rejoin,
  • and thats it and its worth more than a coin.

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