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Written Apocalyptic and/or Religious Topic, Beat Optional | No Dissing, 38 Lines Max

Max of 38 lines


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  • 'Ignore in the wool, for a blind eye
  • An oracle ful-, filled with hindsight...'
  • Our auras convulse in its twilight, feel that?
  • It's coursing a jolt through the spine tight
  • Kneel at - The Lord, in a pull of the heart twines
  • Spiels spat - Ardor, in a cult-sacrificed life
  • Revealed splats - On Turin as null or alive twice?
  • Healed back - Restored and absolving mankind's grime
  • Peel back - Explore and mull ov' to find lies
  • He'll be back, thou snores at Gal-atians 5:5
  • The source as a tool to be primed by
  • Pastorals by rule living Christ-like, imploring to cull as divine pries
  • Like scoreboards in follows is 'sky-high'
  • In coercion to fold to the Might-fright
  • And assure 'em it's not false, recognize why
  • His glory will be doled, missionized sly
  • A warning coming bold, you could die fried
  • It's more than indulgence in Sci-Fi, dogma.
  • Conform or revolt, I'm the -
  • 1 portentous bull among Fine China
  • Brahma to the pulse, of our zeitgeist, a -
  • Harbinger of the harm done, the guise has slipped
  • Socko-charades, the big guy's middlemen mediums exceeding in sleazy small-scale gyps
  • Shoot the messenger, Kool-Aid pitchers can be fruit-punch deliverers to Yahweh's pockmark lips
  • 'Til the Apocalypse, whole environs dynamited and entire blocks laid ripped
  • Shockwaved ships, chalk-grey soot and blockades flipped
  • Billionaire bunkers will block aid like the IDF did the Gaza Strip, and still raid your shit
  • What the fuck is this, crickets, listen, Tupac ellipses...
  • To infinity, in the relinquishment of another epoch eclipsed
  • Must not pause to what's marvelous, as the sky's reddish mauvish, thus
  • Heaven falls, hear Yahveh cuss, tossin' molotovs at us
  • Washed in the lava, trust the Cross, He's revivin' us, saliva glossolalia;
  • *pencil diving through the several levels of hell*
  • *I propel, back facing the ground*
  • *what's that smell, flesh burning in the clouds*
  • *my life flashes like a white capture*
  • *stars fracture into mental imagery*
  • *of what comes after, inhaling epiphanies*


  • I don’t know who this homie is,
  • I will tell him my warning for him,
  • Back away and learn ur definitions,
  • Cause u dumbass oldass is tryna make conditions,
  • Part 2 on destroying a old man,
  • Bro give up already, u can’t even stand,
  • Duh ur on a wheelchair
  • Who is a motherfucka who thinks he smart with the middle up his hair,
  • Oh wait he don’t got one that’s true,
  • And u know what’s also true,
  • Ur still on the 13 years ago anti-flu,
  • 20 gorilla poop on yo back stuck like glue,
  • And h can’t be talkin with those shoes,
  • there growing a foot side root,
  • Wait hold up I need a minute,
  • Cause Seth I need to smash this guy less than a minute,
  • It’s hard to beat me and win it,
  • And look if u do then I promise I will call u the king,
  • No problem with that, just that u don’t got gold chains and rings,
  • Acting like u got wings.
  • I’m screaming at u like Eminem did to MGK at the mic,
  • Sayin u type yo lyrics so much, U FORGOT HOW TO WRITE,
  • U might think of me as MGK when ur the challenger,
  • U fuckkng playin with me think u got Thor’s thunder,
  • Omg this kid thinks he the best while me dying of laughter,
  • And now go get to wife bitch cause u forgot her.

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