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dont cuss if it dosnt add to the flow and dont use a in progress rap

Max of 64 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on April 14 2024


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  • hey man you doing good?
  • thanks but i'll take that book
  • this aint no hollywood
  • you aint no DonnyBrook
  • you got a pocketbook
  • Congress should get you back on one foot
  • im in your neighborhood
  • you were good i made them look
  • are you misunderstood?
  • His brother would be understood
  • let me cook
  • i had an overlook
  • im not the crook
  • you were good
  • but i'll turn you into driftwood
  • i withstood you even in hollywood
  • he could never be cured
  • uninsured living alone at sixty four
  • im hardcore like c4
  • midnight tonight im polite
  • and this was in spite


  • Quit talkin' out yo neck , we can box if you want I guess
  • Who you tryna impress , you ain't gettin' no paycheck
  • cause this the internet ,so just watch for da way you step
  • This decision you gon regret , Now I'm knock on yo doorstep
  • You konw that you can't connect , so why don't you just accept
  • This case is a no contest ,what's this
  • no flows ,you should stop da diss
  • no hoes , you don't get no kiss
  • You can't cherish ,no life
  • we all know who wins ,materialize your goals while you can
  • because by then, you'll be like a lamb in a lion's den
  • Again, another braggadocious fool ,amen
  • I'm tired of the middlemen ,in the middle of everythin' I say
  • I pray , You obey my rules okay?

Cookin' something up, just wait a sec...