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  • Yo, it's all about the big money, big bangs,
  • We're talking cash stacks, making moves, making plans.
  • Rolling in the dough, never slowing down,
  • Living life large, in the biggest, baddest town.
  • We're talking skyscrapers, champagne showers,
  • Private jets, and midnight hours.
  • Big cars, big dreams, living large,
  • In the world of big money, we're in charge.
  • We make it rain, no need for umbrellas,
  • Stacks on stacks, like Nutella.
  • Life's a game, and we're playing to win,
  • Big money, big bangs, that's how we begin.
  • From Wall Street to Dubai, we're making waves,
  • Big money, big bangs, that's how we pave
  • The way to success, no time for the small,
  • We're going big, or not going at all.
  • So raise a glass, to the good life we lead,
  • Big money, big bangs, that's our creed.
  • We're living large, in a world of our own,
  • Big money, big bangs, we're never alone.
  • Sure, here's an extension:
  • We're talking yachts, and mansions, and diamond rings,
  • Living like royalty, in the lap of luxury's wings.
  • Big money, big bangs, we're the elite,
  • Living life to the fullest, never facing defeat.
  • We're popping bottles, like there's no tomorrow,
  • Living in the fast lane, no time for sorrow.
  • Big money, big bangs, it's a lifestyle choice,
  • Living loud, proud, with a powerful voice.
  • We're making headlines, breaking records,
  • Big money, big bangs, we're the lords
  • Of the high life, the kings of the scene,
  • Big money, big bangs, living the dream.
  • So here's to the big money, the big bangs,
  • To living life large, with no holds, no hangs.
  • Big money, big bangs, that's our anthem,
  • Living in a world where we're always the champion.

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