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  • Lately I can't sleep at night
  • Cuz that's when the thoughts get the loudest
  • They start to overwhelm me with scenes of my death
  • They start to show me everything I ever failed at
  • They start to tell me that nobody cares anymore
  • I can't tell the difference between reality and fiction anymore
  • Every day is starting to blur together
  • I keep telling myself it will get better
  • But those words are starting to be empty
  • I'm just one step away from falling off the edge
  • I'm starting to think my name would look better on a headstone
  • Instead of on all these papers
  • I can see that everyone around me is having fun
  • But I can't seem to find the happiness like they did
  • I can't find my meaning in life anymore
  • Every time I start to trust someone they leave
  • Every time I fall in love my heart gets shattered
  • Its a repeating cycle that never ends
  • I constantly fight to stay alive
  • But I'm starting to think that everyone is better off without me
  • I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • All I can see is the lies that I trapped myself in
  • All I can see is my failure's
  • I think to myself everyday that I can make it through this
  • I say to myself that I won't end up single
  • For the rest of my life
  • But now I'm starting to see the sad truth
  • No matter how hard I try its all gonna be for nothing in the end
  • No matter what I do It doesn't hide the fact
  • That I have a heart of stone that nobody can fix
  • I guess I'm reaching the end of my run
  • I guess this is the end of my life
  • I just wish I could have made better choices
  • Cuz maybe things would be different
  • And I wouldn't be sitting here
  • Contemplating about ending my life
  • Maybe I would have something worth living for
  • But there isn't anything I can do
  • Besides change my ways
  • And do better in the future


  • Fine dinin', flyin' private
  • Couple things that I could easily afford to do
  • A couple things that you don't know a thing about
  • You mighta read about it, heard about it
  • Thought about it, dreamt about it, played it out inside your head
  • But what I'm doin' for a livin' isn't somethin' I was taught
  • You either got it or you don't got it, and you don't got it
  • I'm the co-signer, you the broke artist
  • I'm the captain and you in coach flyin'
  • I'm the lead role, you in the background, yeah
  • I'm the star player, you the mascot, yeah
  • I'm the future, you the past, old timer
  • I'm the truth and you the bold-faced liar
  • I'm the CEO and you the customer
  • I'm the frontman and the ghost-ghostwriter
  • I'm the creator, I'm the director
  • I'm the hitmaker, I'm the empire
  • I'm the shot caller, I'm the show stopper
  • I'm the real one, you the fake knockoff, ooh

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