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  • Late nights, tryna battle but you'll lose
  • I don't play games, I'm the one you don't wanna choose
  • My bars sharp like a blade, leaving you bruised
  • You stepping to me? You must be confused
  • I'm the king of the streets, I run this town
  • You think you can beat me? Better sit down
  • I spit fire, my flow is pure heat
  • You ain't got nothing, your bars are weak
  • I'll bury you deep, six feet underground
  • I'm the hunter, you're the prey, no way around
  • You're just a wannabe, trying to fake the sound
  • But when it comes to real rap, you're nowhere to be found
  • I dominate the mic, I'm the ruler of the night
  • You're just a peasant, fading out of sight
  • I'm the deadly assassin, striking fast and precise
  • You can try to battle, but you'll pay the price
  • So step back, know your place in this game
  • You're no match for me, you're just a lame
  • I'll crush your spirit, leave you in shame
  • I reign supreme, in this rap game, I claim my fame
  • I'm the heavyweight champ, you're just a lightweight
  • I spit venom, my words cut like a knife
  • You're out of your league, trying to test my might
  • But you'll soon realize, you can't win this fight
  • I control the rhythm, the flow, the beat
  • You're just a follower, trying to compete
  • I'm a lyrical beast, a force to be reckoned with
  • Your rhymes are basic, you're just a counterfeit myth
  • I'll crush your dreams, shatter your hopes
  • I'll leave you broken, hanging by ropes
  • I'm the master of the game, the king of the throne
  • You're just a pawn, soon to be dethroned
  • So back off, before you get served
  • I'm the predator, you're the prey, about to get curved
  • I'll leave you in ruins, your ego crushed
  • I'm the ruler of the night, in me you've met your match
  • I'm the lyrical assassin, sharpshooter with my tongue
  • Every bar I spit hits hard, leaving you stunned
  • You're just a pretender, trying to play the game
  • But when it comes to real rap, I'm the one with the flame
  • I'm on top of the game, you're at the bottom
  • I'll leave you in pieces, torn and forgotten
  • You're just a copycat, trying to imitate
  • But when it comes to skill, you can't even relate
  • I'm a rap heavyweight, you're a featherweight
  • I'll knock you out cold, leave you with a fate
  • You can try to battle, but you'll never win
  • I'm the rap god, it's time to face the sin
  • So step to me, if you dare to test
  • But be prepared to lose, I am the best
  • I'll crush your spirit, leave you in despair
  • I'm the night's champion, and you're just a player.

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