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  • Heikey guess what it rhymes with
  • hickey, which he'd die
  • spend a dime to get
  • I'd get past all the typos
  • if this wasn't a rap site
  • where if you can't type
  • ima assume you can't write
  • which means you won't fight, so goodnight
  • I'm tired of your sight
  • I got foresight
  • that you might try to deny
  • that you were higher than Snoop when you wrote those lyrics.
  • Either that or you were delirious
  • more horrifying more starry-eyed than insidious (Star Wars/ horror movie)
  • make a whole period an era by killing this man's career even when he got hearing aids
  • I'll elevate my fangs like a rattlesnake I'm Spiderman I'll annihilate I'm packing I'll violate
  • Im 14 you underestimate bad math ill black flash him attack him a million ammunition
  • no need for racks kill rate is racking up it's stacking
  • I'm backing his sister until she collapses...
  • Get this man a new "lawd" after I cause a tropical storm break his "Knights's sword"
  • Make a new drink called Karma for his winded ass
  • Co2 you forgot carbon, in massive doses it's deadly
  • obsessed with rock like Yosemite rock like Chrisean im guessing
  • your deaths pending, im pedaling to knock you off the cliff quick
  • so take a sip
  • of Hennessy, you might get more drunk and buy better drip or a 3 dollar whip
  • this ain't beef its cooked already
  • Im done, here's the mic, take it slow and steady, lawd.


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  • Lost in the hustle, grindin' day and night
  • Heart full of fire, ready for the fight
  • No time for doubts, I push through the pain
  • A warrior spirit, runnin' through my veins
  • I'm on a mission, can't be stopped
  • I'll keep on climbin', reachin' for the top
  • I hustle hard, never take a break
  • My dreams are big, no time to fake
  • I face the struggles, head on with pride
  • I'm never content, always on the grind
  • I'm a fighter, never back down
  • I'll take on any challenge, wear the crown
  • I rise above, reach for the stars
  • No room for failure, I'll leave a mark
  • I'm dedicated, focused and strong
  • I'll prove them all, they were wrong
  • I'll keep pushin', never stop
  • I'll be the one on top
  • I'll hustle harder, grind even more
  • I'll knock down every closed door
  • Lost in the hustle, but I won't lose sight
  • Of my goals, my dreams, my future so bright
  • I'll keep on movin', never look back
  • I'm a warrior, on the right track.

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