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  • Expectant father I'll give you a son-less world,
  • take the light outta Genesis make your stomach hurl.
  • Whirl with your girl, twirl her stocking in the air,
  • 5 shots in the dark, turn your dream into a nightmare.
  • Half past twelve and the cops pull up.
  • do their doodles in the street and let the sun come up.
  • Called your ma, your pa, took ya girl out on a ride,
  • in your own car.
  • Did you say I went too far?
  • Well I know you went that way too, too cruel
  • was the world that brought us together
  • crueller still is the devil so I'll see you in hell,
  • ring the bell we're at the end of the tether,
  • letter homes won't reach,
  • think you a comic if you think that we will ever see sleep.
  • Hell, we're in hell, and in hell, we're in too deep.
  • On these asphodel meadows,
  • pain's the only gain we'll reap.
  • Life played us - left us all with no bearing uncaring.
  • 4 ft 2, you're the subject of a Haring work, despairing
  • mother tearing up signing paperwork - dawn comes but the rain keeps on.
  • You were chalked up in the morning, in the evening you were gone.


  • You can barely rhyme a syllable, For that matter
  • You can barely write and you got no rep don't pretend to be criminal
  • You rhyme like fucking taylor swift went an got fake tits and a face lift
  • But you look like you just got yourself gender switched
  • I'm 4 foot 2 apparently, but I'm still taller than you,
  • you look like a hobbit and it's kinda scary
  • When I'm in no shoes you're looking up like you're made of precum,
  • like zip it, fucking half nut. For somebody half the size at me,
  • it's scary cause you have half twice the chromosomes as me
  • You're tweaking, You don't kill people but my brain's sure leaking
  • You're crazy, losing your status as sane
  • Can someone explain to this guy's brain
  • I just severed his main vein and he's in pain
  • I don't even dream, my life was dead and has been a while ago
  • So I take the bar off the wall and dial the phone
  • Start ripping bars and choke your ass through the microphone
  • Lyrically curb stomp you till your mind is blown
  • Kill you than dupe your clone, take you to a phone booth
  • And punch this bitches face in the nose till the whole thing explodes
  • Trust me you don't want the smoke, you will get bent over with no soap
  • You're ugly, you're one of the woke, blue hair and rainbow cloak
  • Whatever I'm out, I can't hear you rap, did your mom never tell you to not talk with a mouth full of load

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