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  • Am the first your the second banana, gift
  • to gab, poster child word of mouth gut reaction
  • try to rise my talent getting muscle contraction
  • your mind giving you misconstruction living through
  • this living hell flipping through this volume in my
  • living room i ain't in a forgiving mood make you
  • disappear into despair dispirit you and me disparate
  • disparity am on top of this dominion my skills
  • is from the third dimension my speed bent on
  • your on a evomition where in position in addition
  • for this name am ambition This mission's mine
  • maligning any who muster to muddle my march
  • am Aryeh, none can nudge me you're naught but nettlesome naysayer
  • Am battening down the hatches you can't match
  • this am one of those things that you don't want to vanish
  • never bout to tarnish my talent that what torn this
  • pouring your disses in the Toliet strike you with these talons
  • and that be your tail end this is where your trail end
  • your in my domain and am the tenant you ain't a good book
  • this pen picture gonna make you become dolent and loose ends
  • your a loosened screw teach you a lesson you better listen
  • am a lucent material while your the current lessen
  • am a native legend never less intelligent
  • now am about to change these progressive elements the
  • way i admire


  • Oh no cursing did somebody use chat gpt?
  • Looked at my flow and was like, uh beats me
  • This guy makes no sense, talking nonsense
  • Giving death threats, and ruining peoples projects
  • My bars are just a simple concept, Not thinking bout the aftereffects
  • Pointing fingers at innocent subjects, calling them suspects
  • That's just the design in my personality, call me an architect
  • I'm not here to make fun or brag about the wins I get
  • Lately I'm trying to stay humble and not talk bout the things I collect
  • Look, Your songs are pretty nice, It just sucks that your mother
  • Each day checks on them twice, So you gotta keep it clean
  • I respect that, I just don't like people taking naps in loony tunes hats
  • And 64 lines that's pretty confident,
  • I just don't know if you gave me enough stuff to keep on top of it
  • Putting it on blind mode, I mean that's alright, It's a free battle
  • You just like starting fights, I mean you seem alright
  • You passed the vibes, I just don't know if your name fits up to what was described
  • I mean rapping blind is fun, You can just grill people for not having balls
  • And liking man buns, That kinda sounds familiar, do you know of that story
  • It's called eminem vs MGK, little spoiler, Kelly's in the quarry
  • I'm happy for myself, I haven't been swearing, For that matter ;
  • Stressing, forgetting, and emotionally testing
  • I know this isn't what you were expecting
  • I don't plan on doing 64 lines, I also didn't plan on living life pretending I was fine
  • I also didn't plan trying to switch up my flow, No swearing and calm battle rap
  • Even without a beat, Huh what do ya know,
  • It's like I'm a whole new different person,
  • It's almost like i didn't put that white stain on the shower curtain
  • You weren't expecting that were ya Aryeh, you know that's a girls name
  • It's pretty close to aria, it's almost like you might even be one
  • Well, if you read up a few lines that explains the man bun
  • Aria also means solo, did you know that
  • I couldn't think of a line here so I'm gonna call it a rap nap
  • And I noticed a little pattern, all your raps are clean, it's almost like you're thirteen
  • I mean most people that age start popping beans
  • I was gonna say don't give in to peer pressure
  • But I bet you run around here hitting the bong whenever
  • I gotta admit some of your bars are clever
  • But it seems like you love talking about orphans
  • I bet you like selling them gummies with endorphins
  • Maybe that's how you can afford those jordans
  • Or maybe it was from taking all their organs
  • Ah, it's okay, I know that was dark, It's not a swear word though
  • So if you look at the rules, I'm there, I didn't part
  • 45 Lines, we're just about done, Or I could end It here and just say I won
  • I mean I can give you 100 Reasons but imma give you just one
  • I just don't like my old flow, Okay, I'm done

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