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Battle on February 12 2024


  • For all I reside is the blood kingdom,
  • saving my energy to sing to them,
  • all it takes is dignity and wisdom,
  • one word about me and here comes the outcome,
  • praising 24/7 to the national anthem,
  • bitch I smother those and turn them into chewed gum
  • I can burn you with my power,
  • I’d be dissing half an hour,
  • no need to be so sour,
  • personalities of a gaslighter,
  • rapping like a street fighter, bitch i rhyme like a poem writer,
  • words are damaging my browser,
  • sounding like a cod bo3 announcer,
  • bitch you live inside tilted towers,
  • scared to say anything like a coward,
  • Are you ready to feel the heat,
  • while your down and I dance to the feat,
  • lookin like a freddy cougar creep from elm street,
  • bitch you belong to live in sesame street,
  • I rap like a flash when I’m electrified,
  • I’d be leaving you petrified,
  • my head filled with unintentional genocide,
  • bitch yo birth certificate doesn’t sound certified,
  • motherfucker feels like he earns pride,
  • this bitch deserves to be unidentified,
  • fuck I’d leave you paralyzed,
  • Motherf…er calls himself the OG,
  • filthy rat looks like he has beef with a cup of tea,
  • while I move and dash like the vast sea,
  • bitches forehead looks like my left knee,
  • rhymes and words he will never foresee,
  • bitch is more sour than a lime tree,
  • yea bitch looking like a maggot who has enquiry,
  • rapping faster than the north sea,
  • His cut looks like a tidal sequence,
  • filled with nothing but filth and underprivileged ticks,
  • cousin of the rapper 50 cent off of an amazon wishlist,
  • filled with more confidence than intelligence,
  • while I unleash my demons to the audience,
  • now you shall end up in an ambulence


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  • Begin to ran over this carnival
  • like am a carnivore bed ridden
  • more then before like a Samaritan
  • thread ribbon him all over again
  • a Sheridan trying find a way out
  • of being debt-ridden rewritten
  • my history share in now my
  • span isn't shorten like Eminem
  • never shutdown or done for
  • one ain't have a moment for misfortune
  • like Mormons, Aryeh here to bring
  • distortion and make you a orphan
  • in this torsion world your mourning
  • till morning your among the Morane
  • now your never more then a moor-man
  • now i come with a sword and charge
  • you come more for fun and of course
  • am for this enforces this place and it
  • desolate after this don't touch my
  • delicate artifact after five i feel like
  • am on a dime i promise i ain't gonna
  • buy it till the day i tie it like these actress
  • tie it with the actors aftershocks now they
  • don't know if there acting or not, aftermath
  • your at risk laughter less, am slaughter less, even after death
  • i ain't gonna collapse unless i fight to death
  • in the city Gallipolis never gullible tricking
  • the globalist my syllables to you is unfulfillable
  • but when i hold it it killable kill them all does
  • that ring a bell?
  • Resting on my laurels and morals
  • lowering in the bottom of the river
  • is love forever is this what i live for
  • this failure writing on this paper
  • right along this labor is this
  • writing with a mild flavor acting like
  • a vile traitor stop enacting my title
  • little later adaptive cycle which plain
  • like vanilla wafers build a million acre
  • my rage will awaken the abyss it been
  • shaken like will smitten this building
  • with one single slap making your spine
  • chilling i rack your mind point Nine lyrical concussion
  • holding this mike is a crime rhyming
  • like the last time, my origin is to
  • fight or die trying file your lies we ain't buying
  • this light is faintly shining but we try
  • bring it flying never be belittling me
  • you went flatting now your left lying for
  • dear life went sliding your life one-sided
  • thinking you earn what you got? nah
  • it was the land sliding

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