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  • When I walk into the room I see everyone naughty
  • Whisper naughty secrets while the ladies dance
  • The dance floor was filled up with people, dancing around together
  • Many cups of beers spilling on the floor while dancing
  • Dancing with the devil, hoarding useless shit
  • No one cares about anything and just dances around
  • Oh yeah we're old as fuck, we didn't have our glasses
  • You could call me a freak, I like to get BUCK, BUCK
  • Fuck your prison, fuck your life
  • Never care about anyone
  • I been doing this for forever, so whatever
  • And if my mother answer, I'll ask her
  • My parents don't care, but sometimes they do
  • Always ask me those same questions "Where have you been?"
  • I never answered those questions I just ask the same question and change the topic
  • No one will find out how the bitches on the dance floor dance
  • And how I watch them all the time and getting hot as fuck
  • I always say
  • Damn that bitch is really fucking hot
  • When you come to the dance floor
  • There is no way out


  • lil MC14 on these
  • lil MC14 on these beats
  • we comin back with some fleat then we get some cleats so we play football and then sit in seats u better be a challenge becausei gon win against the god d*** sin u better be good or go to h*** then we see that you been bad u gon burn then we gon be concered

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