Battles  Skelegun vs Kendrick-


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Kendrick- won this battle!


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Battle on January 14 2024 and Battle on February 16 2024


  • I haven't been quiet
  • my shit is gonna leave a hit
  • you're just a damn pussy
  • so get on one knee and bow to me
  • you're just a wanna-be Kendrick Lamar but you're just a baby
  • little damn prick you think your slick
  • this is gonna be somethin' tragic
  • so get down on your knees and lick my dick
  • your rhymes are basic and made too quick
  • the only insult you gave me was calling me a slut or a mutt
  • but what are you going to do when I draw your blood
  • you ruin lives like a damn drug little fuck
  • your insults are child play
  • your just a little stray so please go away
  • im a mutt atleast im not a puppet who loves fists up my ass
  • you think your badass nah, your just a dumbass
  • who is nothing but trash
  • im gonna obtain all 7 Chaos emeralds and all 7 dragon balls
  • and ill lyrically obliterate you
  • your just another issue
  • you see im the better version that is certain
  • you got good flow ill give you that
  • but im gonna cut the crap and make you take your final nap
  • so hoe i gotta go
  • but get down on your knees and start to suck and blow


  • nigga your ass, touch some grass.
  • Maybe play the bass, cus your jus trash.
  • gave you a slash, and kept running your mouth.
  • your plan is going south.
  • your like a mouse, tryna fein.
  • ty to define the line your doing on the counter.
  • Per hour, smokin' that powder.
  • definitely not my first junkie encounter.
  • your a fuckin' junkie, your roughly dissing.
  • but mostly missing.
  • while I'm pissing on your lone self.
  • your another one killed on the shelf.
  • your probably twelve.
  • your a pussy, but surely you'll make a comeback right (no!)
  • despite the fact your tryna gaslight, your probably white. And very bright.
  • not that bright! The bright where your pale as fuck, so shut the fuck up.
  • you worship a plastic duck, while your a dirty mutt.
  • this nigga ain't talkin' shit..

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