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  • Look you're a crook a big spook a Mook get your life shook
  • Like your body when I strangle your neck two hands
  • Until the blood stops circulation I'm not your fan
  • You're a Stan a rhyme copy of my pens damn these
  • Artists are Martians talking over my head I get your
  • Metaphoric forget the nonsense lethargic that's what
  • You call doneness it's hopless your words are borish
  • I'm gore mixed potence smoking average emcees
  • Throwing them in the garbage for being trash evil raps
  • Your boasting it ain't that vulgar your verses are atrocious
  • After you diss me your just joking thats what I thought
  • You'll get stomped like that dork and end up in the coroner's
  • There is no peace when I'm coming with that war shit
  • Even if you were a scientist you couldn't solve my quotient
  • You'll need the stars to aligne and to become a genius
  • To win battles against my lines that I easily come up with


  • Step it up amateur, academics I master
  • Tryna clash with this? You're bound to clash with disaster
  • My flow's supersonic, you a rookie just startin'
  • Three syllables deep, I'm carvin' like Martin
  • Livin' in your head rent-free, pay the due
  • You spit recycled similes, I'm fluid like new flu
  • Scientologist the game, Xenu who?
  • Not even close to my level, you my pupil
  • Read your basic lines and they lackin' nuance
  • Deep space bass, your sound just plain nuisance
  • Intergalactic lyricist, you still my apprentice
  • Dormammu I've come to bargain, we aren't on the same sentence
  • Metaphors conceptual, you a one trick pony
  • I float on tracks, you just want some money
  • I see your future, it's not too sunny
  • My levels threefold, you couldn't be a three toli
  • Don't step to this, you'll end up a cautionary
  • Tale like Icarus flew mythology story
  • You call that a battle? More like foreplay
  • Against Grim? Bad idea like Oracle of Delphi

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