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  • I'm the mystic randonauter be prepared for slaughter,
  • tik tok waiting for the chinese to invade the border,
  • Pray to father pray to allah I meditate and see mandalas,
  • Spinning cycles find me surfing on it inshallah,,
  • Absorbing quantum essence in this star field,
  • Confusing astrophysicists with what my bars wield,
  • Try to decipher my cypher is loaded with vipers,
  • I'm actually the zodiac killers ghostwriter,,


  • All the things I hold dear, slowly slippin, lost to fear
  • I lost another one, Wolf said another one gone, dead by gun
  • Another one overdose, couldn't handle it, they just choked
  • Pressure went overload, swallowed some pills n spoke
  • The last breath he ever had, fore he shot himself, thanks to his dad
  • Sorry to all of you go, wish I was there for you
  • When you needed me most, I promised to care for you
  • Then I left you alone, no one there for you
  • I pictured you dyin, sufferin again, saw the air from you
  • It slipped through your lips, the final secret, like a key and lock combination
  • But you no longer safe, sorry to be responsible for your fate
  • I'm sorry I was so late, wish I could take back all them mistakes
  • But it was up to fate, I coulda prevented it, the date would just change
  • Never knew you was filled with rage, always hurtin, wish you had better days
  • Just let me know when I reach the gates, I know you there, you said you'd wait
  • I know the clock ticks by, the time just aches, waitin for me to die, it's my time for fate
  • Why am I still here?, especially if you ain't, I ain't shown tears, not since a girl hate
  • Not since 2Much's incident, I'm sorry I couldn't help you
  • Used to stay up all night wit you and Wolfy, now you cryin in a corner, feelin lonely
  • Not one day go by, them memories don't fade, I'm still gon try, from now n for days
  • Insanity, rest in piece dawg, Wolfy keep your name
  • We put you up, remind them, puttin you on display
  • Everyday we struggle, tryna stay on top
  • When we fall n die, the world wouldn't stop
  • Sad to admit, but sadly it's true
  • What I wouldn't do, to trade me for you
  • Lost some friends on the way, some things don't change
  • Emotionally grabbed, then things fell flat
  • I'm sorry it happened, simply like that
  • There were those times, like Wolfy, I'd wanna die
  • I'd join Insanity n the rest, lost them n failed the test
  • Just tryna lighten a mood too dark, no laughs, I lied
  • Tried to shed light, the darkness tries to hide
  • It lurks in me, deep inside, then it comes out to seek them guys
  • Maybe I'm responsible for everything, maybe I killed them mentally
  • All I have left are the memories, they always leave me empty
  • Never know when somethin hits me, unpredictable emotions n abilities
  • Tryna right the wrongs I made, instead, I'm left, directional mistake
  • RIP to all of them Gs, I miss em all, they in my dreams
  • Hopefully, just hopefully I'll be joining all of you Gs
  • As I lay me down to sleep, escape the facade, it hits deep
  • Everything crashes at once, startin to think I'm the one with the gun
  • Was I responsible?, Am I the one?, Did I kill them all?, Was it all my fault?
  • All this time I try to stall, I question myself, but informational checks, I can't withdrawal

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