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  • Semi automatic pop pop x 9 18 holes in him now
  • Tee off on his dead like tiger woods shotting for the crowd
  • Caddy not see me coming as a putter sand wedge in his
  • Eyes n gouged,
  • I ain’t talking golf when i say he handicapped Now. 
  • Stepping in with me was foolish,
  • can’t condone such Levels of stupid,
  • if you had cells and were actually lucid,
  • You would of called this off, n refused it,
  • had you known better
  • No way you would choose this,
  • you’d have learnt to stay away
  • From a speaker, when you couldn’t face the music


  • He said I'm a butterfly, I make his heart flutter
  • We go together real bad, just like bread and butter
  • He's the only guy I see, I don't see no other
  • If you look inside his phone, yeah I'm the only number
  • Never will cheat, he knows not to put me through the pain
  • He already did it once, won't take him back again
  • The way he make me feel, he be fucking with my brain
  • Love is not materialistic, unlike them plain janes
  • Always been his number one never the number two
  • There were always other niggas, but I chose you
  • Found the clues that you cheated, it made me feel blue
  • Said you only did it once, but it was more like a few

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