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  • Listen I'll do whatever I just ain't doing what you decide
  • I have never lost faith because i can't lose what I didn't have
  • Martial law coming soon before the bombs and tanks
  • Politicians only act polite and claim to be the truth
  • It's about control of resources and secrets they keep
  • As they use television and satellites and directed energy
  • The 4th wave the new slave isn't what you think
  • If scientists can implant chips microscopically
  • What religion will save you from your dehumanizing
  • As human beings claim intelligence to that of processing
  • I dont know as much as I need so I'm still learning
  • They claim to know how time statted universally
  • That's what the professors teach in university
  • Computers and fiber optics states of quantum mechanics
  • The.language they all apeak biodiversity terrorists and hijacking
  • Anyway id rather go off the grid and kill wildlife to eat
  • Than be forced to consume and spend and pretend to have peace
  • While the whole illuminati justifies their barbarity
  • Using lines calling it cartography to claim territory


  • Im good bitch, but I'm feeling so damn hollow
  • Feeling like I'm drowning in my pain and I can't swallow
  • Chasing after demons, can't escape this sorrow
  • But I keep pushing through, trying to find tomorrow
  • Im good bitch, but my heart's still bleeding
  • Suffering in silence, but you won't see me pleading
  • I wear a smile, but it's just a disguise
  • Inside I'm breaking, I'm screaming, "Tell me, why?"
  • I'm numb to the world, lost inside my mind
  • Used to think love was real, but it's so hard to find
  • Caught up in a whirlwind, seeking peace I can't find
  • Im good bitch, but I'm trapped within the grind
  • Gotta keep on moving, gotta stay strong
  • But sometimes it feels like my spirit's gone
  • Living in a world that's so filled with lies
  • Im good bitch, but deep down I'm asking why
  • Im good bitch, but my soul feels so defeated
  • Searching for the truth, but it's always mistreated
  • Trying to find meaning in this crazy life I'm leading
  • But these scars and wounds, they keep on bleeding
  • Im good bitch, yeah, that's what I'll say
  • But this pain won't go away, it's here to stay
  • Im good bitch, but I'm holding on tight
  • Through the darkness and the pain, I'll find my light

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